Quote1 You do not understand. You cannot know what it was like to be the Creator in a time before Creation. There had to be a world. It had to be the way it was. Men had to choose to love me. I was alone. I wanted to be loved. Quote2
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God is the creator of the universe.

Human Creation

Before the creation of humanity, God was alone.[1] As an nigh-omnipotent being, He had an enormous ego. He wanted to be loved, so He created humanity. This act made His ego larger, and He constantly needed to know that He was loved. He put humanity through all sorts of unspeakable atrocities, such as causing the Saint of Killers' family to die. When someone didn't love Him, He did even worse acts.

The Fall

When God created Humanity, he gave the angels assignments, such as the Angel of Praise, and the Angel of Death. The Angel of Death was playing a game of cards with Satan when the Saint of Killers arrived in Hell. The Angel offered to bring the Saint back to Earth, if he took the Angel's job. The Saint agreed. The Angel melted down his sword and crafted two Colt revolvers, and it was said that these revolvers would kill anything, would never miss, and would never run out of ammunition.[2] Because God created the original sword, it was rumored that the guns could kill God himself.

God is Dead

A Reverend by the name of Jesse Custer saw the truth after merging with Genesis, the child of an angel and a demon. Jesse made a deal with the Saint of Killers to kill God. God managed to manipulate events as to have Genesis killed, but when He returned to Heaven, the Saint was there, waiting for Him.[3] God was killed, and it is uncertain who, if anyone, took His place.




  • This character is an adaptation of God, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at



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