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Godiva was a mercenary and enemy of the Teen Titans.

Born in Ghana, the woman known as Godiva claims to be the child of a Chinese Prince and an African Princess. Godiva was a mercenary based out of a hidden headquarters in the Swiss Alps. She was hired to kidnap the parents of young Danny Chase, who were active agents of the Central Bureau of Investigation at the time. Godiva knew that the Chases were privy to the location of a European defense satellite, and she coveted this information in order to sell it to another bidder. In order to rescue his parents, Danny Chase enlisted the aid of the New Teen Titans. Godiva managed to avoid being captured by the Titans and was later seen in the employ of a man known as Doctor Cornelius.


  • Hypnotism: Godiva can generate a sparkling effect in the air that can hypnotize her opponents, turning them into mindless drones that she can easily control. It is unknown whether Godiva was born with this ability or whether she developed it later.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Godiva is a master combatant although the exact disciplines that she has learned over the years has never been revealed.



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