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 The Gods of Atlantis are a accumulation of extra-dimensional and divine beings worshiped by both ancient and modern Atlanteans.


Though some of them vary in exact origin, it is known that many members of these gods consist of agents of both the Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos.


The earliest and first of the gods of the Atlantean pantheon were born over a billion years ago when the Darkworld entity's dark dreams were given solid reality as a separate dimension within the universal consciousness. The dimension would be known as the eponymous Darkworld. Born at that instant were the creatures that inhabit the world, including it's magical gods. These gods would be called the "Seven Gods" or the "Ancient Gods" by ancient Atlanteans.[1]

Other gods of the pantheon, notably the evil gods (called the "Dark Gods of Atlantis") are thought to either also be extra-dimensional beings or originating from a different planet altogether.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Immortality: All Atlantean gods have a form of immortality that makes them extremely long-lived.
  • Divine Empowerment:Those from Darkworld are capable of drawing from the dimension as their source of magic and retain supreme power while in that realm under normal circumstances.
  • Only the Atlanteans gods whom are affiliated with the Lords of Order, Lords of Chaos, and a Balancer between the two can invoke the "cosmic balance" for a desire effect via contact. Though it is claimed this ability can invoke a power as brilliant as "creation" itself, it's power is limited.


Dependency: Gods created in Darkworld lose their power when the Darkworld entity wakes from their slumber, only retaining their immortality.(Formerly)


Habitat: Darkworld, Atlantis, Mu



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