The Gods of Atlantis are an accumulation of deities from not only exclusively known to Atlantis's own but even other pantheons such as the Olympian Gods and the Darkworld Gods.

During the birth of of the Atlantean Empire millions of years ago within the Golden City when the earth was plentiful with mana, the gods of Atlantis were made up of extra-dimensional beings from Darkworld. These extra-dimensional beings cae to be among the Atlantean pantheon alongside other miscellaneous gods were affiliated with the Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos . During the final days of the Golden City when magic began to wane, Chaon destroyed the City of the Golden Gate, many of the legends perished with the million-year empire's city state.[1]

The Gods worshiped in ancient Atlantis after the fall of the Golden City by the Atlanteans are a triumvirate of powerful beings governing the earth, water and sky. Aps is the male god of land, Suula is the female god of the sky, and Pallais is the female god of the water. In addition to the regular deities, there are also Dark Gods whose powers are only called upon in times of dire need.[2]

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New Earth

Golden Gate Era

Prior to the first destruction of the City of the Golden Gate by Chaon[3], many of the Atlantean deities were a combination of gods from varying origins and that of Darkworld, affiliated with the Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos.

Darkworld Gods

Originating when the Darkworld entity created the eponymous magical realm with it's powerful dreams, the Darkworld realm also created various beings including it's own gods and were one of the worshiped gods of ancient Atlantis prior to the sinking of the City of the Golden Gate. Darkworld Gods act as not only Gods in the Darkworld realm but also Atlantis.[4] The gods (excluding the Darkworld Entity) were known as the "Seven Gods" to ancient Atlanteans (Homo Magi) and many of them were affiliated with the Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos.

Dark Gods of Atlantis

The Dark Gods of Atlantis were malevolent and dark entities that were usually invoked and/or called upon for sinister deeds. It is speculated that the Dark Gods were either similar to that of Satan in soul-bargaining legends where they carry out sinister deeds onto humanity in exchange for souls or were outside the Atlantean Pantheon altogether and are of extraterrestrial origin or were extra-dimensional beings[5] Some of the recognized Darkworld Gods were also counted among the Dark Gods.[6]

Demi Gods
Post Golden Gate Era

Prime Earth

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