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Gog was one of the Old Gods and responsible for the creation of the villain Gog (William Matthews).


When the Old Gods of the Third World were fighting uncontrollably, the lone god Gog fled the world before it was fully destroyed in the fighting. He plunged through the Bleed and through various alternate universes until he landed on Earth, situated in the area that became the modern day Democratic Republic of the Congo, and was entombed in molten rock. He was found by a tribe of humans, who worshiped the god's face (the only visible part of his body), believing he was a "God of Earth." The tribe made a staff that channeled Gog's power through it, and was put to rest in the same cave the face was in. The cave, and therefore Gog, was lost to the rest of the world, until a young explorer, William Matthews found the cave by accident. He picked up the staff, and was given immense amounts of power through it; a side effect, though, was visions of the history of Earth-22 which drove him mad.


After Matthews committed various acts of genocide towards metahuman criminals that posed as various gods, he engaged the Justice Society of America after the Society sent Sand to track him down. Eventually, Matthews teleported back to the temple housing Gog in the Congo, inadvertently bringing several members of the JSA with him, too. After a brief confrontation, Matthews seems to disintegrate, and the Third World god rises, seemingly rejuvenated by the reclamation of the energies that were being used by the staff.

In the Name of Gog

After a brief talk with Amazing Man, Gog then goes to a nearby village of sickly inhabitants due to being compelled to "make things good again." After curing them, Gog told the JSA his origins, and subsequently healed Damage's facial scarring. Gog then sends Sand to a blissful, dream-filled sleep for twenty-four hours, cures Starman of his schizophrenia, gives Doctor Mid-Nite his sight back, and sends Power Girl "home". Hearing fighting in a nearby village, Gog discovered the village was under attack by a rogue militia and transformed the soldiers into trees. During the conflict, Lance, one of the JSA's new recruits, was hit by a rocket launcher blast and killed. Gog brought Lance back to life, replacing his ruined arm with gold armor, and renamed him "Magog".[1]

Later, Gog's intentions to move on to the Middle East and punish the warmongers there in the same fashion as the militia members caused the Justice Society to split in half, with Hawkman, Magog, Damage, Wildcat (Tom Bronson), Amazing Man, Judomaster, and Citizen Steel taking Gog's side.[2] Like the biblical God, he asked for a rest on the sixth day, sending some of his followers back to America to preach his will.

Thy Kingdom Come

After that, he collected his followers again, asking them gleefully to kneel down and worship him while he brings in a new world.[3] The rest of the JSA arrived, having learned from Sandman that Gog was rooting himself into the Earth, and if he remains for one more day, the Earth will die if he ever leaves, leaving them with the one option of killing Gog and separating his head from the Earth. Hawkman and the rest of the Society following Gog attempted to protect him, until they see him attempt to transform Jay Garrick into lightning. All of Gog's followers turned against him and Gog punished the Society by taking away his "gifts" to an extreme degree (Citizen Steel now feels pain in all his nerves and Starman can't be cured of his madness). Even Magog eventually turns on him, for which Gog's blessing on him is also undone.[4] Eventually, the JSA are able to topple Gog and cut off his head. The Superman of Earth-22 and Starman took the still-living head to the Source Wall, embedding it there for all eternity. Gog accused Superman of being exactly what he accused Gog of being.[5]




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