Goitrude was a taxi cab owned by Doiby Dickles, the Golden Age Green Lantern's sidekick.


It was built in 1911 originally as a different model. It has passed from owner to owner, being a army transport during World War I, until eventually it finished in a sale of used cars. Doiby, who was a Goitrudes driver during the war, recognized it and bought.[1] When Doiby married with Princess Ramia from Planet Myrg [2], Goitrude was left at Hal Jordan's garage. When Alan Scott had came for Goitrude to bring to Doiby to commemorate the first year anniversary of his marriage with Princess Ramia, both Green Lanterns realized that the car was stolen. The thief was Sinestro; They defeated Sinestro, but sadly Goitrude was destroyed.[3] Goitrude was later repaired and converted into a space taxi.



  • Goitrude is the phonetic spelling of Gertrude by way of Doiby's Brooklyn accent, much like his nickname; Doiby was famous for his thick accent.

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