"Book 3": It is now 1949. As Tex Thompson's (Americommando) campaigning for the presidency continues, Joan Dale ends up revealing Tex Thompson's secret diary to Lance Gallant (Captain Triumph) and Paula Brooks (Tigress), who discover from its pages that th

Golden Age #3 is an issue of the series Golden Age (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1994.

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Synopsis for "Book 3"

It is now 1949. As Tex Thompson's (Americommando) campaigning for the presidency continues, Joan Dale ends up revealing Tex Thompson's secret diary to Lance Gallant (Captain Triumph) and Paula Brooks (Tigress), who discover from its pages that the man Joan thought Tex to be is really the Ultra-Humanite whose brain has been transplanted into Tex's body. Yet the pages also reveal a more shocking secret concerning Daniel Dunbar that will be exposed in Book 4. Bob Daley (Fatman) and Paul Kirk (Manhunter) get help from Carter Hall (Hawkman) to unlock the secrets in Paul's brain concerning his nightmares, and come to the same revelation about Tex Thompson really being the Ultra-Humanite.

In the meantime, Ted Knight (Starman) is ready to test out his new "cosmic rod". Alan Scott (Green Lantern) is faced with a summons to appear before the House Un-American Activities Commitee as more of his workers at Gotham Broadcasting are also being accused of being Communists. Libby Lawrence (Liberty Belle) and Jonathan Law (Taratunla) are facing a crossroads in their relationship where Libby is finding fame as a TV newswoman and Jonathan is hitting the brick wall of frustration in his attempts to follow his one-hit novel success. James Forrestal's body is found mysteriously pushed through a hospital window. Rex Tyler (Hourman) continues to work on improving his Miraclo power pill while telling himself that he's not a drug addict. And Daniel Dunbar is secretly worshipping Satan in a basement.


  • It would be established that this story described events that took place on Earth-Thirty-Two.[1]


  • A caption box mistakenly refers to Joan Dale as being Joan Davis.

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