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Goldilocks is a Fable and the leader of a rebellion to stop the "enslavement" of the Fables characters there.

Her first act was the death of Colin the pig, as he was a "weak link". She then turned her sights on the visiting Snow White and her sister Rose Red. Rose Red joined Goldilocks' side (who was only pretending as a way of protecting Snow, knowing they'd be targets) and they captured Snow White [1][2]. Eventually, Snow White frees herself as the uprising gets underway and gathers anti-rebellion Farm animals to her side, bringing it to an end as help arrives from Fabletown. Goldilocks, however, escaped, but not before shooting and seriously wounding Snow White [3].

The fugitive Goldilocks was later seen at the Fabletown home of Bluebeard. She killed a member of the Mouse Police after she discovered them spying on the two criminal Fables. Bluebeard puts Bigby and Snow White in a trance, which has them go on vacation in the woods, allowing Goldilocks to hunt them both down and kill them [4]. In the woods, Bigby and Snow fight to stay ahead of Goldilocks, and eventually the evil Fable is supposedly killed [5].