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Quote1 I'm not anyone's robot, honey. This gold cover is just my hard candy shell. But I've got a sweet center. Quote2
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Goldrush was a superhero who operated in Dallas, Texas.


Goldrush claimed she got her powers - a golden skin - as part of the settlement of her second divorce. As a hero, she saved Dallas from Brimstone and stopped him from incinerating the city. This put her on Cyborg's radar when he looked for new recruits to aid the Justice League in their battle against Ocean Master and the Atlanteans.[1]

The Grid

At their first meeting at the Justice League Watchtower, she was blatantly flirtatious with the Flash, who fled because he became uncomfortable. Describing her as "Golddigger", he expressed his opposition to her nomination.

Minutes later, another new recruit, Platinum knocked Goldrush and several others unconscious in a berserk rage. Goldrush's golden armor vanished, and she was caught by the Flash before she hit the ground. After the fight Goldrush did not join the main team.[1]




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