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Quote1.png You act as if you're bloody mad! It cannot be my little lad! Thou wert conceived in Shadow-pool -- so you'd be evil! Not a fool! Quote2.png
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Golgotha was the only child of the demon, Etrigan. In his attempts to spawn a creature of pure evil, he instead bred a mindless, uncontrollable beast.

Etrigan's desire for a child was part of a scheme intended to punish his mortal host, Jason Blood. He seduced an old flame, Lady Smegma and they copulated within the tainted waters of the Sunless Sea. The essence of Shadow merged with the demon's seed and Smegma fell pregnant.[1]

In the following months, Etrigan kept the mother of his child in Lord Baytor's castle. The birthing was very difficult for Smegma, but with the threat of Etrigan performing a perfunctory caesarian section, she managed to free the child. It is unknown if she survived or not. The private detective, Joe Gunn was one of the few who bore witness to the hideous birth. The sight of the newly born Hell spawn made him vomit, and eventually take his own life.[2]

On Earth, Glenda Mark gave birth to her own baby girl, Kathryn. The timing was no coincidence, as Etrigan snatched the newborn from her mother's arms and hid her away to use as a vessel for his son, utilizing the same binding spell Merlin used to bind Etrigan to Blood. Jason, with the aid of Merlin and Tommy Monaghan, went after Etrigan to rescue the child.[3] Merlin betrayed them however, placing the infant in the pentacle so Etrigan could perform the ritual. Before the transference could be completed, Blood took the place of his daughter, sacrificing himself by becoming the new vessel.[4] With Etrigan already bound to Blood's soul, the extra possession was too much, and father and son turned on each other in a fight for survival. Etrigan held back as long as he could, but was eventually forced to destroy his only child.[5]




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