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Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard was created by the Mathemagicians of the Anti-Life Equation to spread chaos throughout Earth.

In the aftermath of the chaos caused by Chemo being dropped onto the city of Blüdhaven, Gonzo managed to slip through a dimensional crack between this universe and the Antimatter Universe. Father Time, the commanding officer of S.H.A.D.E., discovered him and started educating him, exposing him to every piece of information known to man.

Under Time's orders, he became an exact duplicate of Senator Henry Knight, and killed the original, taking his place as President of the United States.[1] Gonzo eventually betrayed Father Time, forcing him to team up with Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, and to provide them with the footage they need to unmask Gonzo.[2]

Ultimately, Gonzo was turned into data by Father Time, using Atomic Knights technology, to trap the Mechanical Bastard in an "orphan box", in the shape of a pair of glasses. It was hoped that he could then be used against his creators, the Shadow Demons.[3]


  • According to Justin Gray, Gonzo was derived from a character proposal by Grant Morrison, which was to have been an update of Bozo the Iron Man, but the final concept became very different from the inspiration.[4]