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The Legend was the dictator of Trezygstan and an enemy of Aquaman and the Others.


Goran was born son of the man only known as the Alchemist, when Goran was a young man the cast out King of Atlantis Atlan came to his home and stole his father's Gold. By the time Goran had returned home the Alchemist was all ready dead and Atlan gone. Goran took up the mantle Legend and swore that he would reclaim the gold and get vengeance on Atlan's family. Legend rode to Atlantis where he witnessed Atlan using a scepter made out of his gold to sink Atlantis.

Legend spent a life time trying to get his gold back, however eventually he grew too old so took part in a ritual that would bind him to a suit of Armor allowing him to live another life time, at the end of every life he would be bound to a new set of armor until the modern day.

Modern Day & Death

In the 2010's Legend was ruling over the country of Trezygstan when he heard of the locations of his gold in the form of six Artifacts made by the Dead King, these artifacts where being wielded by a group known as The Others, among them was the Dead King's descendant Aquaman.

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  • Telekinesis: Legend has displayed that he can move things with his mind.



  • Enchanted Pendant: This pendant allows Legend to bond with a set of armor. This allows him to live for an extended amount of time until he has to change into a new set and repeat the process. Due to this Legend is thousands of years old.



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