The Gordanians are a race of intergalactic slavers who originate from the Vega star system. They hail from the Gordane continent on the planet Karna. They are known allies with the Citadel and the Warlords of Okaara. Sometime before 5708 B.C., they switched alliances, abandoning the Citadel and allying themselves with the Psion Monarchy.


Years before the Citadel War, the Citadelians made a pact with the pacifists of Changralyn, insuring that they would protect their world from other would-be invaders in exchange for a percentage of their newborn infants. Once per Changralynian mating season, a squad of Gordanians would arrive on the planet to collect their tithe, whereupon the infants were raised as slaves to the Citadel. One Changralynian, Charis-Nar, rebelled against the treaty and slaughtered several Gordanians, who attempted to enslave his son.

The Gordanians have also forged alliances with other intergalactic despots such as the Tamaranean Blackfire. Under the command of fleet commander Trogaar, the Gordanians captured Blackfire's sister, the Princess of Tamaran, Starfire, and kept her enslaved for over six years. When the Vega System's revolution against the rule of the Citadel happened under the leadership of the Omega Men, the Gordanians were along with the Branx the enforcers of the Citadel Empire. Their forces were the ones which fought the Omega Men, then the anti-Citadel riots, and finally the forces of the anti-Citadel revolution.[1][2] Once those forces were defeated, the Citadel homeworld stood alone.[3]

During the New Citadel Wars (a decade after the overthrow of the Citadel Empire by the Omega Men), the Gordanians served as the army of the Psions who were making a play for domination over the Vega System.[4][5] Equipped by the Psions, a Gordanian fleet of 12 Class-9 Bloodstars nearly annihilated a Tamaranean fleet of over 700 warships in a great battle. Not a single Bloodstar was lost, while only 90 Tamaranean ships survived and over 8 million refugee colonists on two moons were collateral deaths. The Tamaranean homeworld of Tamaran was then attacked by 11 of those ships, and it was destroyed.[5] The surviving Tamaraneans (half a million in 3000 ships) continued to wage war against the Gordanians and Psions (whom were allied with a corrupted, evil Raven) with the help of the Teen Titans.[6] With their assistance the Psions and Gordanians were defeated.[7]

A few years later, the surviving Tamaraneans invaded the Gordanian homeworld while their army was elsewhere (and were soon assisted by the Teen Titans who had been manipulated by Starfire).[8] Upon the arrival of the Gordanian army, the situation changed for them.[9] Tempest convinced the Gordanians to let the Tamaranean refugees settle on one of their continents and in exchange they would help the change the reputation of the Gordanians in the cosmos.[10]

Powers and Abilities


Gordanians are master trackers and hunters.


Habitat: Gordanians are cold-blooded creatures, and as such thrive in environments with high humidity levels.
Gravity: Earth-like
Atmosphere: Earth-like
Population: Well into the Millions


Type of Government:


Level of Technology:


  • Star-Slide FTL: Trip from Earth to the Vega System that would take centuries for late 20th century humans took days using this method.[11]
  • Interstellar Warships: Variety of sizes from less than a 100 ft long to approximately half a mile long.[12][13]
  • Class-9 Bloodstars: Massive warships provided to the Gordanians by the Psions, powerful enough to nearly annihilate enemy forces that outnumber them 60 to 1 (without any losses) and a dozen of them can destroy a world.[5]
  • Floating Fortresses: Atmospheric fortresses the size of skyscrapers, hidden in the clouds of the Gordanian homeworld.[9]
  • Gordanian Slave Ship: The Gordanians use small ships in the use of their trade. The slave ships include a three man crew and are equipped with a prison hold for the transport of new slaves. The ships are ideal for atmospheric travel, but also have short-range interstellar capabilities.
  • Star-Gliders
  • Photon Blasters: Staff-like weapon used by the Gordanian warriors.[12]
  • Warper: Chain-like weapon used by Gordanian warriors which when whirled creates a space warp (hole in space) that pulls in those in the vicinity into outer space.[12][13]
  • Mental Grappler Probe: Mind control (physical actions only) from a ship within visual range.[13]
  • Adaptive Drones: Internal ship flying drones linked to the ship's bio-scan, which quickly adapt to the enemy. Fast, maneuverable, and small (length of small swords) which fire lasers, shoot cables, spray ooze, slash, and explode on contact.[13]
  • Proton Cables: (58th century): Powerful enough to let a starship tow Earth to another star system via warp travel, while preserving the planet's atmosphere and gravity.[14]
  • Ion Destructors (58th century): Heavy rifle-type weapon.[15]

Cultural Traits:

Gordanians are fierce and strong fighters whose entire society has been dedicated to the study of warfare.


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