"Glorious" Gordon Godfrey ran a TV talk show which he used as his platform to berate the Justice League before the American public.

He is not above sensationalizing news and roweling up public opinion, or trapping interviewed leaguers with their own answers to his misleading questions, all so that he can show the Justice League in the worst possible light. His show suffered a huge drop in ratings after the Justice League saves the Sun and thus Earth from an Ophidian relic, proving the need for their existence and their commitment to the world.

  • Loosely based on mainstream DC Universe character Glorious Godfrey of the New Gods created by Jack Kirby and first appeard in Forever People #3. In the Legends mini-series, Godfrey posed as commentator named G. Gordon Godfrey to speak against the presence of superheroes to the American public.
  • Gordon Godfrey was voiced by Enrico Colantoni.


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