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Gordon Godfrey was an unwitting agent of Darkseid.

By 2010, Gordon Godfrey was a radio host, who used his program to spread rightwing views on matters such as immigration. When Darkseid arrived on Earth, he was attracted to the darkness within Godfrey and possessed him.[1]

Over the next three weeks, Godfrey, controlled by Darkseid, became a central figure in a growing anti-vigilante movement. As he attacked the Blur, Godfrey attracted the attention of Lois Lane, who learned that Godfrey was planning to expose the identity of the Green Arrow. When Godfrey attended an S&M club, Lois took photos of him, which later tarnished Godfrey's reputation.[1] However, Godfrey remained loyal to Darkseid and joined forces with fellow followers Granny Goodness and Desaad.[2] During the event later known as "Contact", Godfrey and the others were confronted by the Green Arrow, who shot them with arrows. Godfrey and the others turned into smoke and vanished.[3]

  • The fate of Gordon Godfrey is unclear. He turns to smoke, after Oliver shoots him with an arrow. However, it is unknown if this killed him or banished him to Apokolips. Darkseid also turned to smoke, after Clark destroyed his host body and he turned up alive in season 11.[4]



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