Gorflack was a Savothian scientist who studied the Speed Force and genetic engineering.

His species was facing extinction due to an alien invasion of Savoth. Against the wishes of the Savothian Royal Council, he built a Speed Force cannon with the hopes of repelling the invaders. Instead, firing it inadvertently drew Jay Garrick, the first Flash, to Savoth. The speedster rallied the Savothians to victory against their oppressors. Gorflack gave Garrick a fragment of solidified Speed Force which he, and his successors, could use to transport to Savoth.[1]

Unaware that the second Flash, Barry Allen, was married, Gorflack planned a grand wedding ceremony to marry the speedster to a Savothian female. However, when Barry arrived on Savoth, he brought his wife, Iris, with him. The ceremony instead became a renewal of the couple's vows, and was remembered annually as a holiday on Savoth.[2]

Gorflack genetically engineered S'kidd-Flash, a Savothian sidekick for the third Flash, Wally West. S'kidd-Flash's first adventure was to help Wally and Bart Allen rescue Gorflack from the final surviving alien invader. This resulted in a Speed Force explosion which sent the alien to its home dimension, but also sped up its evolutionary process.[3]

He served as a host for Wally and his wife Linda while they raised their children after being transported to Savoth after Wally's battle with Superboy-Prime. A short time later, Gorflack had to say goodbye to the Flashes forever, as Wally was forced to destroy the device which let him transport to Savoth in order to stop an invasion of Keystone City by the descendents of the alien invader they had fought earlier.[4]



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