Quote1.png It must be Gorilla City's greatest evil genius -- Gorilla Grodd! Quote2.png
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Super-Gorilla Grodd was a mad scientist operating in Gorilla City.

Using his genius and telepathy, he became a professional criminal and became and enemy of The Flash and his team, the Super Friends.

Monkey Business

After being arrested by The Flash, Grodd activated a device that turned all primates into humans, allowing him to slip past the prison's security. Unfortunately, the transformation prevented him from entering his lab and disable the device. When the Super Friends arrived in Gorilla City, he informed them of the situation. Flash used his power to create vortexes to secure the device. After Grodd, reverse the change, he tried using his telepathy to control them, only for Green Lantern to block his signal. Afterwards, King Solovar imprisoned Super-Gorilla Grodd in a new prison fit for a human so if he repeated his scheme, it would be to no avail.[1]





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