The Gorilla Knights were an elite military unit from Gorilla City lead by Tolifhar. They defected and joined Wonder Woman.


An elite unit created by Gorilla Grodd in anticipation of taking down foes like Superman, they were recruited from young and angry gorillas in Gorilla City, enhanced, trained, and equipped with the best weapons. Their first mission was to take down Wonder Woman, where expressing their anger at humans in their fight, she recognized that they weren't evil, merely misguided, and managed to convince their leader Tolifhar of her good intentions, promising to address the poaching and other problems they had seen, as well as to contact Gorilla City on their behalf to ask for leniency on their action.

Humbled and realizing the error of the ways, the Gorilla Knights pledged to serve her until they could make up their prior misdeeds. They then moved in to Diana's apartment. Aiding Wonder Woman against several powerful foes, including Genocide, who felled the valiant Rhanda, and the Citizenry, they eventually won Gorilla City's approval, and were allowed to come home.


Equipment: Armor

Weapons: Energy swords and energy spears

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