The One-eyed Gorrah was a pretender to the throne of the Sealed City, and imprisoned the True Gorrah. American explorer Tex Thomson found his way to the Sealed City, and was briefly a guest, then a prisoner, of the usurper. Thomson and his pal Bob escaped, found and freed the genuine Gorrah, fought the false Gorrah's giant servants Scharem and Hawntem, and beat them. While that was happening, the One-eyed Gorrah threw a knife that missed its target and hit a switch that activated a mechanism that dumped the would-be killer into a pit. The rightful ruler of the Sealed City thus regained his throne.[1][2]

With his enemies wrongly believing him dead, the One-eyed Gorrah escaped to create new trouble, elsewhere, later.[3]

  • Gorrah's hench servants included:
    • Doroka
    • Scharem
    • Hawntem



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