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Quote1 ...we have no control, no permanence, no certainty... nothing but the overwhelming urge to do something... anything definitive in a realm that defies absolutes... i feel almost human! Quote2


Goth is a rock star demon corrupting young people through his music. He was an enemy of the Teen Titans.


Years ago, the Teen Titans were called upon to provide security for a rock concert taking place in the town of Eden Crest. The performer was a rock star named Limbo, who kids idolized and parents feared. Limbo incited a riot at the concert, which was contained by the Titans. The riot was actually a diversion. Limbo was actually trying to acquire an anti-aging formula, which was being worked on at Cardy Research Center. The Titans thwarted his plans and Limbo was not seen from again.

Behind the scenes, "Limbo" was actually a demonic creature trying to acquire the anti-aging formula for the Contessa. "Limbo" made a sinister practice of enticing kids towards a path of social apathy and violence. Over the years, "Limbo" assumed different guises, each latching onto a persona that would prove charismatic to the young. Over the years, the demonic creature has assumed the (known) guises of Limbo, Grunge, Rave and most recently, Goth.

Fighting the Titans

As Goth, he's a horror film actor that takes his role to the extreme, wearing his 'make-up' 24 hours a day. Goth flirts with concepts of mortality, death and chaos – often intriguing teenagers with his dark demeanor. Nightwing became suspicious of Goth when a string of murders mirrored the plots of Goth's movies. As the Titans engaged Goth at a horror convention, the team was transported to Goth's portion of 'Hell', known as Dis.

In Dis, all residents have immortality, but start to lose the ability to care about anything. Goth had already lured hundreds of kids into Dis. Nightwing deduced that when an individual started caring about something in Dis, they were expunged and returned home. The Titans were eventually able to save the kids when Starfire put Goth in jeopardy. As all the kids idolized Goth, they cared he was in danger and were instantly transported home.

Goth nonetheless continued his villainous ways. When the Titans were affected by Klarion the Witch Boy's aging spell, Goth once again plotted against them – and allied himself with the Contessa once again. To this end, he created a new army of 'upgraded' Wildebeests. These Wildebeests looked like their predecessors, but once unmasked, were revealed to be actual Wildebeest-looking man-monsters. Goth commanded the new Wildebeests to attack JFK International and Grand Central Station. The Titans eventually defeated these new Wildebeests.


Some time later, Goth attempted to channel powerful dark magic, and was destroyed as a result. The Justice Society found only his charred corpse, with a gaping hole in his chest.





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