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Gotham Academy is a prestigious private boarding school that many of Gotham City's elite have attended.


Gotham Academy is a prestigious private boarding school that many of Gotham City's elite have attended.


In 1863, Millie Jane Cobblepot was secretly moved from Arkham Asylum to what would become the Girls' Dorm. She was imprisoned there by her family to silence her and keep their dirty dealings a secret. In her captivity Millie Jane had discovered the secret tunnels inside the academy. She would remain in the dorm until the day she faked her own suicide.[1]

The North Hall Incident

During the summer Batman had dropped Tristan Grey off at the school to receive medical treatment from Professors Langstrom and Milo. He would stay at the academy year-round free of charge like the school's other special case, Olive Silverlock. Later on, Tristan saved Olive from a fire which was caused in the North Hall. He was asked by Professor MacPherson to watch over her. The fire had caused extensive damage to the North Hall and was sealed off to avoid accidents.[2]

The Ghost of Millie Jane Cobblepot

At the beginning of the semester the students of Gotham Academy kept reporting they saw a ghost. Pomeline Fritch believed that it was the spirit of Millie Jane Cobblepot whom she had been trying to summon. After an investigation by Olive and Maps; they discover that the ghost had been a hoax created by Heathcliff Ray to please his girlfriend Pomeline. The event had been so traumatic that Olive's roommate Lucy would transfer schools to Metropolis Academy.[3]

Batman: Endgame

During the events of Batman: Endgame Headmaster Hammer singlehandedly defended the Academy during the Joker plague.

Search for Calamity

The school play of Macbeth was being sabotaged by a mysterious figure. At first the Detective Club thought it was Calamity, Olive's mother, until they discovered mud at the scene of the crime. They soon found out that it was really Katherine Karlo who had been working for her father to get revenge against Simon Trent. The day was saved by Olive when she used a hose to destabilize him, leaving Katherine alone.

The Headless Statue

Batgirl came to the school in search of the missing head of the statue of H. Herman Dent. It had become a legend in Gotham Academy that the head was stolen by a goblin and hidden beneath the school library. In reality, the statue was beheaded by Colonel Nair and was used by him to hide the blueprints to a dangerous weapon. The head of the statue was hidden in the secret passageways of the school until Batgirl discovered it with the assistance of Olive and Maps. The head was destroyed in the fight with the villain Gladius and the blueprints were burnt.[4]

Other Versions

The Batman

A run down, closed, and dilapidated school building titled "Gotham Academy" was used by the Penguin as a hideout.[5]


Gotham Academy is an exclusive private high school in Gotham City.[6]

Points of Interest

  • The Dorms
  • The Greenhouse
  • The North Hall
  • The Saint Marcus Chapel
  • The School Cemetery
  • The Court of Owls base
  • The Headless Statue of H. Herman Dent
  • The School Theater
  • Wedgwood Museum





School Originizations

  • Gotham Academy Dramatic Arts Society
  • Gotham Academy Glee Club
  • Gotham Academy Grackles (football team)
  • Gotham Academy Marching Band
  • Gotham Academy Trivia Bowl
  • Detective Club/Pizza Club (school club)
  • Serpents and Spells Club (school club)
  • The Order of the Bat (clandestine school club/secret society)
  • Terrible Trio (clandestine school club/secret society)
  • Witch Club (clandestine school club)


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