"Second Semester, Part 2": As their second semester begins a series of students begin to disappear, ushered away by a woman in robes.

Quote1.png All right, I hereby call this meeting of the Detective Club to order. We need a new mystery to solve, gang. Quote2.png
Maps Mizugochi

Gotham Academy: Second Semester #2 is an issue of the series Gotham Academy: Second Semester (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2016. It was published on October 12, 2016.

Appearing in "Second Semester, Part 2"

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  • Witch Club

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  • Witches hats
  • Books
  • Figurines
  • Katherine's bowl


Synopsis for "Second Semester, Part 2"

As their second semester begins a series of students begin to disappear, ushered away by a woman in robes.

Maps begins her first day by storming into Olive's room who is more concerned about waking up her new room-mate, Amy. Later in class, Mister Scarlet announces that their usual teacher Professor Pio has been absent which immediately interests the Pizza Club. At lunch they discuss the mystery but Olive is dismissive even after Maps gives out little figurines she had made of the club and of Eric Jørgensen whom Pomeline spots drawing the Arkham double A symbol and steals his notebook.

That evening as Kyle finishes up from badminton practice he spots Evan who, after the lights mysteriously turn off, is abducted by the robed lady and Kyle returns back to a nearly empty court. Simultaneously Maps struggles with losing her best friend and discovers posters for the mysterious Witch Club - among them is Evan, staring blankly forward, unresponsive to anything. Kyle then sprints up behind her and they decide the Witch club is worth investigating, however, as he speeds ahead into the forest following them he is knocked unconscious by the robed woman and Maps carries on discovering a shack where the club seemed to be based. Before she can turn back the robed woman was behind her, indoctrinating her into the school.


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