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"The Ghost in the North Hall": In detention, Olive Silverlock reluctantly explains why she's there to her companion Colton Rivera, who is there thanks to her. She neglects to tell him that she was involved in a fire that

Quote1.png Pomeline... what if Millie Jane didn't go crazy after all? What if she knew too much? Quote2.png
Olive Silverlock

Gotham Academy #3 is an issue of the series Gotham Academy (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 3, 2014.

Synopsis for "The Ghost in the North Hall"

In detention, Olive Silverlock reluctantly explains why she's there to her companion Colton Rivera, who is there thanks to her. She neglects to tell him that she was involved in a fire that she caused. While evading Miss Harriet's glares, Colton warns Olive that she will have to be his lookout when he breaks into the headmaster's office to steal back the supplies she got him busted for. They are startled in their conspiring by a scream from her roommate Lucy, who claims to have seen a ghost. Angrily, Pomeline Fritch points out the spectre and warns that it was Olive's intervention the night before that ensured that the ghost of Millie Jane Cobblepot would go unbound.

As Lucy faints into her arms, Olive expresses incredulity. Pomeline claims that it was she who summoned the ghost with her Order of the Bat - a secret society. Before Olive can ask why anyone would want to bring Millie Jane Cobblepot back from the grave, Pomeline shushes her as they eavesdrop on the Headmaster, who warns Prof. Milo to keep the secret of the North Hall quiet. Turning to Olive, Pomeline whispers that she should meet her in the study hall after class tomorrow and bring Millie's diary.

Olive meets her there with the book, on the condition that Pomeline never say anything about her mother again - or wear that bat costume. Pomeline promises, admitting that Olive's failure to snitch on her despite a week of detention has earned her that much. Olive spreads the book open, explaining that none of the hand-written notes inside it suggest a connection between Millie Jane and the north hall - which may not even have been built in Millie's time. She notes that her friend Maps saw something in the north hall on the day of the opening assembly, and Lucy claims to have seen the ghost more than once outside of her dorm window. Pomeline wonders if maybe she raised the wrong ghost. Millie's grave, after all, was unmarked. Olive worries that maybe Millie Jane didn't go insane as they'd been taught - but knew too much. In any case, who, the girls wonder, was buried in Millie Jane's grave?

The pair are interrupted by Pomeline's boyfriend Heathcliff, and Pomeline becomes frustrated when he appears too engrossed in the new music he's been enjoying to pay any kind of attention to her. She leaves in a huff, and dejectedly, he slumps next to Olive, wondering what he did wrong. Olive promises that it's not his fault, but wonders why he's involved with her Order of the Bat at all. He admits that he's doing it for her. Olive assures him that he's a good guy and agrees to help him with his history homework again, if he ever needs it. Just then, Kyle Mizoguchi knocks on the wall next to them for attention, begging a moment alone with Olive.

Kyle takes her down to the river and admits that he misses her, and wonders why she seemed to lose interest in their relationship after summer. He promises not to push her to tell him what happened, but he does want to know. Olive finally admits that her mother's been in the hospital for a while - and that hospital collapsed over the summer. She's now in a coma, and the doctors have told Olive that she may never wake up again. Reluctantly, Olive admits that she still cares about him, but Kyle can tell that she wants space. He states that he will be there for her if she needs it, reminding that he won't mind if she breaks his heart - but she had best not break Maps heart too.

Afterwards, Olive returns to the dorms and is surprised suddenly by Maps, who insists that after missing the ghost sighting the day before, she will not miss it again. She drags Olive to a tent out on the roof, explaining that she has charted every ghost sighting so far, cross-referencing with the reliability of the witnesses. While Maps talks, though, Olive spots a pin for the band that Heathcliff likes on the gruond, and grows suspicious. Maps explains that the ghost has only been sighted in the north hall and the dorms so far, and Olive reminds that the teachers know something is up with the north hall as well. Looking through her binoculars, Olive spots the handsome boy from the library the week before, reading under a statue. She wonders what he's reading and is surprised when he turns the cover toward her - as if he'd heard her. She is startled away from him by Maps, who has spotted a pair of glowing eyes looking out at them from the boarded windows of the north hall. The girls insist that they have to get inside, and from nearby, Pomeline Fritch interjects that she agrees - and she knows just thee man for the job.

The next day, Maps delivers an invitation for Colton Rivera to meet them at the fountain at midnight. Interested, he shows up, follows Maps' lead. Before long, Colton has the front doors unlocked, and flings them open for the first time since last summer. As she looks around, Olive realizes that she's been in the north hall before, and experiences an unpleasant flashback of the place in flames, with the shadow of the Batman flitting through them. Pomeline tries to snap her out of it, and Oliver warns that they need to leave. Something is in there with them. Pomeline is unmoved, reminding that that something is probably Millie Jane, and endeavours to show her an interesting painting of Nathan Cobblepot that she found. They are called away, though, by Colton, who has found a hole in the floor. Maps notices that the hole is old but the damage to the floor around it is new. The floor is surrounded by markings.

As Pomeline tries to take pictures of them with her phone, she accidentally drops it. She decides to abandon it, but Olive can't let it go, and reaches into the hole after it - but something grabs her arm.

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