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"Save the Last Dance": Olive Silverlock has just discovered Killer Croc hiding out within the crawlspaces and hidden passages of Gotham Academy. Rather than tell on him, she decides to question him as to where he got a picture

Quote1.png We need to get past the barrier to the North Hall. The dance is a perfect cover -- almost everyone will be there! Quote2.png
Maps Mizoguchi

Gotham Academy #5 is an issue of the series Gotham Academy (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2015. It was published on February 25, 2015.

Synopsis for "Save the Last Dance"

Olive Silverlock has just discovered Killer Croc hiding out within the crawlspaces and hidden passages of Gotham Academy. Rather than tell on him, she decides to question him as to where he got a picture of her and her mother, Sybil. He explains that he knew her mother, as her cell at Arkham Asylum was across from his. Before the building had collapsed, she gave him the photo and asked him to promise to watch over Olive. Hopefully, Olive wonders if her mother really remembers her, but the sound of Maps' voice from nearby silences them both. Spooked, Croc makes a run for it. Maps sees him, but soon bumps right into Olive. Despite his point of origin, Olive supposes that the lizard-man Maps claims to have seen is a friend to them.

The pair continue searching the crawlspaces, which they suppose are a partial explanation for all of the noises they've been hearing from within the walls. They had thought there was a ghost, and Maps is a little disappointed to learn that there isn't one. Olive admits that she got swept up in it too, but now she feels sorry for Croc, and his having been lonely, holed up in the walls since the summer, probably. As Maps eagerly leads their exploration of the old tunnels, Olive becomes nervous. Entering a round hall full of doors, neither of them knows which way to go. Fortunately, the sound of chains clinking from further down one of the tunnels gives them a lead. Maps notes that they are actually headed toward the blocked off North Hall. Unfortunately, this path is blocked off as well, apparently by Croc, who didn't want to be followed. Maps promises that they can come back later with some friends and find a way in.

Upon returning to their room, Maps and Olive find Olive's roommate Lucy all dressed up, apparently trying on her dress for the dance. She wonders what Olive intends to wear to the dance - and who she intends to go with. She'd heard about Olive's strange romance with Tristian Grey, and the fact that she and Maps' brother Kyle aren't together anymore. Saddened by that last point, Maps takes her leave, reminding Olive to meet her at 7pm in her room.

They meet with Pomeline and Colton to discuss their plan to use the secret tunnel to get ot the alternative entrance to the North Hall and clear the passage. Intrigued by the revelation about the tunnels, Pomeline resolves to check the Diary of Millie Jane Cobblepot for references to them. Maps suggests that they use the dance as a cover for their activities. Colton agrees to help as well, but demands that Olive retrieve the bag of tricks that she got confiscated from him on the first day of classes. Grumpily, Olive agrees, only to be surprised moments later by the arrival of Kyle. Realizing from the map on the floor that it was they who broke into the North Hall, Kyle angrily chastises Olive for putting Maps in danger like that. Despite her own instincts, Olive responds by asking him to the dance - annoying Pomeline and Colton, exciting Maps, and making Kyle uncomfortable. Even so, he says yes.

Maps warns that they will each have to find a way to ditch their dates on the night of the dance - especially Kyle, because he would never go along with their plan. Maps will ditch her roommate Katherine at the punch bowl, and after everyone else has got free, they will meet outside after the photos are taken. After that, they'll head to Headmaster Hammer's office and steal back Colton's gear. At last, they'll get through the passage and confront Croc.

After reluctantly ditching Kyle, Olive meets with the others outside the dance hall, and attempt to crack the lock on the Headmaster's door. Using her skills at puzzle-solving, Maps manages to unlock the door by solving a riddle. Inside the office, they discover many confiscated items, and along with Colton's gear, they decide to claim some prizes for themselves. Maps equips Olive with a crossbow.

Maps then leads them outside in search of a snack for Croc - as is polite - before they can make their way into the tunnels to the North Hall. While outside, Olive hears a sound, and sees a giant bat flying in the sky. Instinctively, she fires her crossbow at it, and shoots it out of the sky. Worriedly, she checks to see what she's done, and is surprised to discover that she shot Tristan Grey, who admits that he suffers from the Langstrom virus. He explains that he was moved to the academy in the summer waiting for a cure, and while there, he witnessed Olive going into the North Hall, and how it caught fire. Transforming into a Man-Bat, he went into the burning building, and found her sleep-walking inside. After he brought her out, he gave her to Professor MacPherson to take to the infirmary, and she'd asked him to keep an eye on her. Suddenly, he hears Maps coming, and hurriedly flies up into the sky before she can see him.

Maps drags her back, and soon, they are into the tunnels and using Colton's gear to blast through the debris blocking their way. Finally, they are through to the North Hall, and before Croc can run away, Olive calls out to explain that they brought him food. Won over, Croc eats his fill and tells a story of an encounter of his with Batman. He explains that he got to the academy in the first place by taking tunnels all the way from Arkham. It was Olive's mother who had told him that the two buildings were connected. Unfortunately, he can't tell them any more, because they are discovered by the Batman.

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  • Croc's story that ends with him throwing "a rock at him" was a recurring joke in the DCAU, first started in ""Almost Got 'Im".
  • The young redheaded boy Warren McGinnis may be intended to be the eventual father of Terry McGinnis, who typically becomes Batman in the future.

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