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"Pizza Club": Having been discovered in the North Hall by the Batman, Olive Silverlock is somewhat annoyed. She had hoped to learn something from the Killer Croc, who had been hiding out in the North H

Quote1.png Don't pretend like you care. You took my mom away from me! You destroyed my life! You destroy everything. Quote2.png
Olive Silverlock

Gotham Academy #6 is an issue of the series Gotham Academy (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2015. It was published on March 25, 2015.

Synopsis for "Pizza Club"

Having been discovered in the North Hall by the Batman, Olive Silverlock is somewhat annoyed. She had hoped to learn something from the Killer Croc, who had been hiding out in the North Hall all this time, since escaping from Arkham Asylum over the summer. Unfortunately, the police have also turned up, and Olive can think of no alternative but to set off the cache of fireworks they brought with them as a distraction. When the fireworks catch the building on fire, though, she is endangered, and it is Croc who protects her, not Batman. In the smoke, he carries her back to her friends, and they make an escape through the tunnels, back to the dorms.

Croc had learned about the tunnels from Olive's mother Sybil, who had been put in the asylum across from him. Her mental illness influenced her to tell him all about the tunnels linking the asylum with Gotham Academy. He had liked her because she hadn't seen him as a monster, and she obviously never stopped loving her daughter. Olive admits that she was afraid her mother had forgotten about her since she was put away. Sadly, Croc admits that he's let Sybil down by failing to protect Olive. His cover broken, Croc decides to take his leave, entrusting her care to her friends. Before diving into the water, he offers that she should come and find him if she is anything like her mother.

Returning to the dorm, Olive is immediately mobbed by Maps and Pomeline, who are happy to see she survived the fire. Unfortunately, Olive and Pomeline have a report on the Diary of Millie Jane Cobblepot due the next day, and they don't have much done. Seeing what rough shape that Olive is in, having been up all night, Pomeline agrees to do the work herself.

That night, while reflecting on her mother, Olive is interrupted by Batman, who warns that she was lucky nobody was hurt. Angrily, Olive responds that she doesn't believe he really cares, since it was him who destroyed her life and took her mother away. She believes that her mother's actions weren't her fault, but Batman assures her that putting her in Arkham was what was safest for the city. In any case, he demands that she hand over the diary, reminding that it could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Olive claims that the diary was burned with the fireworks, but wonders how he'd known about it. He is gone long before she can get the question out.

Millie Jane Cobblepot had been forced into Arkham Asylum when her family pressed Dr. Arkham to take her in. Everyone was told she was crazy, but in truth she was sane, but locked away in a room in the dorms of Gotham Academy. Millie Jane soon found her way out of captivity, thanks to the secrets the Academy held - but it cost her her life. Mysteriously, her father had died at exactly the same time. Nobody mentioned Millie at his funeral, though - and in truth, she wasn't even buried in the family crypt, though how Olive and Pomeline know that is to remain a secret from their report, which Professor MacPherson admits is at the least, unique. After class, Olive is accosted by her roommate Lucy, who gives her a note explaining that she's being moved to a different school.

Afterwards, Pomeline is disappointed to learn that she and Olive only got a C+ on their report, though Olive reminds that they actually know more than they're allowed to say about Millie Jane. Over a pizza lunch, they are joined by Maps' older brother Kyle, who makes Olive promise to let him be part of her plans for both her and Maps' sake. He wants to be there to protect them, and he wants her to trust him. Further ruining their moods, Colton Rivera slaps down his own report, with its A grade. Seeing that A, Maps makes a sudden realization: the symbol they'd been seeing all over campus was two "A"s, inverted and overlapping. Olive is sure this is a clue pointing to Arkham Asylum. Grinning, Maps suggests they start a Detective Club, but Olive is too distracted by a sudden impression that her mother is standing amid the crowd of students in the cafeteria, but she blink, and the image is gone. Maps regains her attention, and Olive agrees that the detective club is a good idea.

Meanwhile, Damian Wayne sneaks into Olive's room and steals her copy of the Diary, returning it to his father in the Headmaster's office. It seems that Damian is about to be enrolled in the Academy as well.

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  • Colton gets really nervous after noticing Kyle in the Detective Club reunion. This is probably a nod to his (Colton's) crush on him, as revealed in Gotham Academy: Second Semester #3.

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