"In The Line Of Duty, Part One": This story is reprinted from Gotham Central #1.

Gotham Central Special Edition #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of November, 2014.

Appearing in "In The Line Of Duty, Part One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mister Freeze
  • Danny (Freeze's henchman) (Single appearance) (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Todd (a police officer) (Single appearance)
  • Officer Dumfy (a police officer) (First appearance)




Synopsis for "In The Line Of Duty, Part One"

This story is reprinted from Gotham Central #1.

Detectives Marcus Driver and Charlie Fields are investigating a lead from a junkie on the Lewis Kidnappings where a fourteen year-old girl was kidnapped. When they knock on the door, a man named Danny opens the door to reveal Mister Freeze. Mister Freeze uses his ice gun to freeze Charlie Fields and also puts Detective Driver's hands in frozen cuffs. Mister Freeze interrogates Driver asking him how they found him and rips off Charlie's ear to get Driver to talk. Driver tells them they weren't looking for Freeze specifically. Freeze tells them they've only begun the advanced course of 'the tragedy of surviving a loss...'

At GCPD headquarters, various casework is discussed between Gotham City Major Crimes Unit officers. Lieutenant Ron Probson shows jealousy for Captain Maggie Sawyer's recent promotion. Probson tells Sawyer it was dead last night. Sawyer asks if he wants help looking into the Lewis case where Driver and Fields are. They're interrupted with an urgent call that an officer is down.

Medics take Driver out and heat his hands to melt the frozen handcuffs Freeze put on him. GCPD officers offer sympathy to Driver for losing his partner. They all tell him to get better and they'll take his statement back at the station when he's ready.

Captain Sawyer puts Renée Montoya in charge of investigating the case which surprises Crispus Allen who expected to be in charge of the investigation.

Sargent Jackson Davies walks in where Driver is recovering and jokes about antics Fields used to pull at the station.

Driver walks in as Commissioner Mike Akins is getting off the phone with the Mayor, and Akins tells the Mayor he'll get back with him once he has more preliminary information on the case. Driver asks Akins to not use the bat signal. He wants to solve the crime himself.

Driver goes to give his statement to Allen and Montoya. Montoya can't explain why Mr. Freeze would leave Driver alive. He would normally kill both, or have slipped out the back door. She wonders why would Freeze wait around to ask how the cops found him. Allen asks if he thinks Freeze wants GCPD to call in the Bat, but Driver says they need to leave the Bat out of it. They're interrupted with a call that another officer has been frozen solid.



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