"Soft Targets, Part Four of Four": Several news stations report on the missing TV reporter, Angie Molina. There is also breaking news of an apparent apprehension of the Joker.

Gotham Central #15 is an issue of the series Gotham Central (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2004. It was published on January 14, 2004.

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Synopsis for "Soft Targets, Part Four of Four"

Several news stations report on the missing TV reporter, Angie Molina. There is also breaking news of an apparent apprehension of the Joker.

At GCPD Headquarters, Crispus Allen and Renée Montoya question the Joker about Molina's where-a-bouts. Joker informs them they'll find her when the timer goes, "boom". Allen then tells the GCPD to start searching for bombs around the city. Captain Maggie Sawyer tells Simon she doesn't want this leaked to the press.

The police comb the city and are unable to find anything.

Commissioner Mike Akins tells Sawyer and Lieutenant Ron Probson he doesn't care how they get results, but to just do it. As he leaves, Sawyer begins rolling up her sleeves to "interrogate" the Joker. Probson stops her and says he's transferring out so he'll "interrogate" the Joker upon her behalf. Sawyer tells him to turn in his badge and gun before entering the room. Sawyer shuts the blinds and the department hears Probson demanding to know where she is as loud thumps can be heard in the room as Probson attempts to beat the answers out of him.

Batman stops by Aikens' office through the window. They discuss why the Joker would turn himself in if he was going to do the bombing in isolation. They realize she must be in a crowded place. As the city has been on lock-down since the initial snipings[1], people are all out shopping as there are only two days until Christmas.

Romy Chandler and Nate Patton sit in a car. Nate finally asks her about Marcus Driver. She admits things might be serious. Suddenly, Romy realizes that the bombing won't be secluded the same way Batman and Aikens thought. She calls Andi Kasinsky and asks her who she still needs to buy for. Kasinsky tells her she needs to hit up toy stores for her kids. Romy calls into GCPD Headquarters that Molina is most likely held at a toy store filled with parents.

Sawyer walks in and accuses the Joker of going on a killing spree to keep them from shopping. He then turns himself in to get everyone into the stores at one time. Then he wants to bomb the store and the Joker continues to smile. Sawyer leaves to make some calls. Probson is distracted as she leaves and Joker takes the opportunity to strangle him with his handcuffs then smash his head with the phone book Probson was using for his "interrogation". Joker walks out into the squadroom and starts a shooting spree with the police officers. Sawyer walks back into the room and takes down Joker and shoots him several times in the back.

Nate and Romy find Molina at a toy store chained up. The bomb is going to blow up before a bomb squad can get there. Nate plays the hero card and tells Romy to get out while she can. In the explosion, Nate is on the ground and hurting. Romy sees Batman holding Molina in the distance unscathed.

Aikens and Sawyer talk about the unfair scene of Gotham City. We see Probson being locked up in the morgue, Patton in the hospital with Romy looking over him, and Joker laughing in a hospital bed.


  • One year before Soft Targets was first published, in 2002, the Maryland-Washington D.C. area was affected by a series of seemingly random, long-range shootings committed by the so-called "D.C. Sniper". Similarly to the story's depiction, the community was paralyzed and gripped with fear. Also, the character of Angie Molina seems to have been inspired by real-life Angie Cannon, who, like Molina in the comic, was a journalist who wrote a book about the sniper case.


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