"Life Is Full Of Disappointments, Part One": The GCPD attends the funeral of Ron Probson.

Quote1.png Don't even think about running. Because I will put bullets in you. Quote2.png
Jackson Davies

Gotham Central #16 is an issue of the series Gotham Central (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2004. It was published on February 11, 2004.

Synopsis for "Life Is Full Of Disappointments, Part One"

The GCPD attends the funeral of Ron Probson.

Captain Maggie Sawyer informs the squad that Lieutenant David Cornwell will be taking over. Sergeant Jackson Davies says he needs to talk to Sawyer privately but Sawyer says she knows what he's going to say, he wanted the position, and now is not the time.

Detective Nelson Crowe and Davies head out to a murder scene where a young girl was thrown in a dumpster behind Manny's Deli. An officer on the scene says it was probably a suffocation scenario since he can't see a stab wound. Davies is snarky with the officer and states he's no detective making such assumptions.

Crowe and Davies talk with Cornwell. Cornwell tells them to keep him updated. Davies remarks back that that's what they do in a passive-aggressive tone as he wanted the Lieutenant position.

Crowe and Davies discover the victim's name was Stephanie Becker and she worked at Washburn Pharmaceuticals in the accounting department. Her credit card was last used at 10:41pm where she was spotted getting drunk with friends. The ATM card was attempted to be used at 11:35 and 11:48 with failed pins. When they check Bank of Gotham video footage of the ATMs, they spot a cab driver attempting to use the card and not Stephanie.

They head to a friend's house and find out she was drinking with friends and left about 11:30 when her friends sent her home in a cab for getting too drunk.

They head to the Gotham Cab Company and the owner gives up the cabbie, Viril.

At the station, Viril tells them he didn't do anything. They find it fishy that if all he did was nothing, why would he know if something happened to her. He gives up information that she was too drunk and had no money. She gave him the pin to pay him cash but it was wrong both times. When he got back the second time she was dead. He dumped her in a dumpster as it was suspicious and didn't want the trouble but maintains his stance he didn't actually kill her.

Sawyer tells Crowe how David Hull pushed for Cornwell to be the new Lieutenant instead of Davies since Cornwell and Hull are old friends.

Crowe pulls up to Davies house early in the morning. Tetramethylenedisulfo-tetamine shows up on the tox report for Becker's death. They learn tets causes vomitting and dizziness which explains why everyone thought she was drunk.

When Davies and Crowe walk into GCPD headquarters, Cornwell stops them and tells them there's been a second case of a girl from Washburn Pharma in accounting ending up dead from tets poisoning. Davies remarks that Gotham is back to being normal.

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