"Life Is Full Of Disappointments, Part Two": Detective Dagmar Procjnow calls out Detective Thomas Burke for being late. He insinuates that it was because he lost at gambling again.

Gotham Central #17 is an issue of the series Gotham Central (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2004. It was published on March 10, 2004.

Synopsis for "Life Is Full Of Disappointments, Part Two"

Detective Dagmar Procjnow calls out Detective Thomas Burke for being late. He insinuates that it was because he lost at gambling again.

Detective Procj updates Captain Maggie Sawyer, Nelson Crowe, and Jackson Davies that the new Washburn Pharma accounting victim's name is Maryellen Connolly. Procj offers to take over the case and Crowe and Davies hand over their work. Crowe is upset as he was expecting help on his four open cases and Procj tells him she won't carry him. Tommy pushes Procj to attend her son's first professional recital tonight but Procj feels guilty having not been invited and finds excuses to not go.

Crowe and Procj visit Washburn Pharma and speak with the CFO, Dominic Matheson. He tells them all his accounting department employees went to get checked out when they heard the news, and Doctor Gavin and and Doctor Wolk stayed home. Matheson is shocked when they inform him Maryellen was murdered as well. Matheson is guarded and doesn't want to release account numbers as they are a publicly traded company. Crowe and Procj ask for permission to investigate the labs and they're granted access. Crowe continues to push Procj to see her son's performance. Matheson releases the accounting books and tells them right now there's a million missing in R&D money which is less than it sounds like he says. Procj is insulted and informs him she makes $47k a year and that it sounds more like a motive.

Procj recommends going over the accounting and talking to the Becker's friends again. Procj is caution and wants to wait until tets shows up on report made at the lab before pulling in the missing doctors. They currently think the doctors were skimming and when accounting found out they killed them. Crowe takes a sudden turn and tells her he's dropping her to see her son's performance since CSU won't have results until the morning.

When they are stopped at the door, Crowe puts on an act that the Penguin might be planning something tonight. As the manager is distracted, Procj sneaks off to watch the performance and cries watching her son play.

The next morning Procj is humming the song her son was playing. Stacy walks in and informs Crowe and Procj that there were no traces of tets found in the Washburn lab.

Procj waits for work from Arrazio who left to take care of his dog.

Arrazio runs into Huntress while out with his dog.

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