"Life Is Full Of Disappointments, Part Three": Huntress warns Arrazio that his uncle, Jack Inzerillo, holds major stock in Washburn Pharma.

Gotham Central #18 is an issue of the series Gotham Central (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2004. It was published on April 14, 2004.

Appearing in "Life Is Full Of Disappointments, Part Three"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Ryan Gavin

Other Characters:

  • Dominic Matheson
  • Doctor Wolk


Synopsis for "Life Is Full Of Disappointments, Part Three"

Huntress warns Arrazio that his uncle, Jack Inzerillo, holds major stock in Washburn Pharma.

Tony and Joe Beretti walk out of an athletic club with Arrazio. He asks them if Jack Inzerillo has a vested interested in Washburn Pharma, which Tony tells them they own 51% of the company.

Arrazio visits Joely Bartlett on her boat and tells her to wake up early, he wants to "rattle the cages" at Washburn. Arrazio goes to talk to Matheson and tells Joely to but out. Joely heads over to Stephanie and Maryellen's desks to investigate.

Matheson gives up that Inzerillos bought control of the company when the company had three failed drugs and needed capital to stay afloat. Arrazio calls him out stating that he's probably laundering money for the mob. He realizes that the money is probably not connected to the murders, but instead the mob laundering scheme.

As Joely looks through the photos of Stephanie Becker, she sees a photo with her and and another man and then finds a contraceptive. Joely also spots an empty jar on the desk and tells the Washburn employees not to touch it as someone is going to come down to grab it for evidence.

She walks down the hall to speak to two chemist doctors Gavin and Wolk, and Arrazio meets up with her. She thinks it's a 50-50 chance between the two chemists for who murdered the accountants. She tells Arrazio about the photo with the other man and thinks it's one of the chemists, who killed her with poisoned candy and then later cleaned out the jar. She says that Connolly was collateral damage and probably stole candy as her desk was next to Beckers. When they walk into the lab, Doctor Gavin looks like the man in the picture.

They process the doctor and he admits to the murder. When Joely pushes Arrazio on the situation with him and the CFO, Arrazio tells her that there are just some things he won't tell her.


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