"Corrigan II, Part One": Renée Montoya is out late at night with Daria. She finds herself entering a bar fight.

Quote1.png Anything coming out of this office regarding Corrigan is tainted because of what we did to get Allen out of the jackpot on the LaMonica shooting. Corrigan knows that. Quote2.png
Manuel Esperanza

Gotham Central #38 is an issue of the series Gotham Central (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2006. It was published on December 7, 2005.

Synopsis for "Corrigan II, Part One"

Renée Montoya is out late at night with Daria. She finds herself entering a bar fight.

Elsewhere, Crispus Allen trails Jim Corrigan and keeps a log of how he has met Kenzie twice in one night.

Later seeing his disheveled partner, Allen calls Montoya out and tells her she needs to get her act together.

Corrigan walks in on a crime scene and pays off several officers. He tells Kenzie he wants in on the take.

Montoya apologies to Allen when he's interrupted by a phone call. He tells Montoya she can't come with as this is a new C.I. Montoya looks at the pictures Allen took of Corrigan from the previous night and knows he's investigating Corrigan. Montoya heads to I.A.D. and asks Esperanza if he had Allen investigate Corrigan. Esperanza denies it and tells her no one can touch Corrigan because of her fight with him earlier.

Later, officers Rebecca Mulcahey and Long spot Allen speaking with Kenzie at a bar.

At the GCPD parking garage, Corrigan is acting like a big shot with fellow officers. Mulcahey warns Corrigan that Kenzie might be spilling his beans on him because they saw him speaking with Allen.

Montoya tells Allen she knows he's investigating and Allen tells her he's close to bringing him in.

Corrigan has Kenzie tied up in an abandoned warehouse and beats him with a monkey wrench demanding to know how much he's told Allen.

Allen tells his wife Dore that it's the last night he's going out late. When he arrives to meet Kenzie, he finds him dead. He pulls his gun and puts down officer Long. As he approaches he is shot in the back by Corrigan.

Montoya is at home with Daria and cries as she was contemplating everything that's gone wrong with her life.

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