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"Half A Life, Part One": An unnamed man takes pictures outside of Maloney's Bar & Grill. He eventually becomes excited as he found what he was looking for.

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Manuel Esperanza

Gotham Central #6 is an issue of the series Gotham Central (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2003. It was published on April 9, 2003.

Synopsis for "Half A Life, Part One"

An unnamed man takes pictures outside of Maloney's Bar & Grill. He eventually becomes excited as he found what he was looking for.

The next day, Renée Montoya heads out for a morning jog. She is suddenly served a subpoena by someone in the park for the Easley Rape case where Marty Lipari stuck her with a knife.

Later at the station, Crispus Allen, Renée Montoya, and Marcus Driver discuss a recently closed case. Allen becomes grumpy. As Driver walks off, Allen admits that Driver annoys him. Lowe, from the robberies department of GCPD, comes up and dumps a case on Allen that he can't close, further infuriating Allen. Captain Maggie Sawyer enters and tells Lowe to leave. She agrees he's dumped too many cases on the MCU in the past few months. However, Allen takes the case because he wants to smear it in Lowe's face that he was able to close it even though Lowe couldn't.

Later, Allen and Montoya stop by a lingerie shop called Lavelle's. Ms. Lavelle says it's her and Cory Marra, her business partner who's in Switzerland, who works there. She states the only other person that's ever helped was Cory's brother, Paul Marra.

Back at the station, they pull up information that Paul Marra had been busted for prostitute solicitation. They decide to pull him in for questioning. When he arrives and upon seeing sweat on his hand, Montoya recognizes him as a junkie and tells Allen before entering the room to interrogate him. Montoya leaves to have dinner with her parents and Allen says he'll finish up with Paul.

At dinner, Montoya is asked about not being married yet. When she leaves, she calls someone to not be alone.

The next morning at Montoya's apartment, Inspector Esperanza and his partner, Matt Conway, stop by from Internal Affairs They tell Montoya that Marty Lipari, from the Easley Rape case, hired a P.I., Brian Selkert, to investigate her. Montoya replies she doesn't care. They tell her she needs to care since Selkert was found dead, and Lipari is no where to be found. They inform her Selkert was found dead in his office and all the files on the Montoya investigation went missing. They tell Montoya to be careful as Lipari may have it out for her.

Later, Montoya enters headquarters. She finds everyone gawking at a picture circulating the office of Montoya kissing another woman.

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