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Crest Hill
Located northeast of Gotham City, Crest Hill is an upper class neighborhood populated by Gotham's wealthiest patrons. Wayne Manor is located in Crest Hill as well as the homes owned by Jack Drake and J. Devlin Davenport. (See: Crest Hill)
Gotham City
The largest population center in all of Gotham County. It is the base of operations for characters such as the Batman, Robin, the Huntress, Ragman and Simon Dark. (See: Gotham City)
Mercey Island
Located north of Gotham City, Mercey Island is the site of the renovated Arkham Asylum. (See: Mercey Island)
Slaughter Swamp
In the late 19th century, tycoon Cyrus Gold was murdered and tossed into Slaughter Swamp. His dead body rose from the muck wherein he became known as Solomon Grundy. (See: Slaughter Swamp)
Titans Lair
Located just outside of Gotham City, this was the original underground headquarters of the young super-heroes the Teen Titans. (See: Titans Lair)

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