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* Sionis Crime Family

As any large city, Gotham is teeming with Organized Crime. These include the conventional crime families - Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese - but also less traditional criminal empires like those of Black Mask and Intergang.


Gotham Underground

  • Sionis Crime Family
    • Black Mask: During the events of Batman: War Games, Black Mask gained control over all gangs in Gotham City. He worked with The Society to kill Batman. He is eventually killed by Catwoman and a power vacuum leads to a series of gang wars. The second Black Mask rose in an effort to reunify the Gotham gangs, until he was discovered to be Jeremiah Arkham, and incarcerated in Arkham Asylum.[citation needed]
    • White Shark: Warren "The Great White Shark" White became the successor to Black Mask's crime empire, successfully running all crime in Gotham from Arkham Asylum. During Intergang's bid for power, Great White is beaten and hidden behind a door in Blackgate prison in order to keep him out of the way. After freeing Arkham's inmates, the new Black Mask took control over Warren and his men, until he was discovered to be Jeremiah Arkham and locked away back at Arkham, leaving Warren back in control of his forces again.[citation needed]
  • Triads: The Chinese Triads were taking $1 billion out of Gotham every year by the early 1990s from various illegal activities, including the narcotics trade.[1]
  • Drug Cartels: Latin American cartels involved in the smuggling of illegal drugs into the United States and for distribution in Gotham City.
  • Crime Families
    • Cosa Nostra (Sicilian): First led by the Bertinellis, later the Tomassos and the Galantes. Ruled the East End.
    • Dubelz Crime Family: Led by Robert Dubelz.
    • Falcone Crime Family (Italian): Run by Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, who maintained a stranglehold over all of Gotham City's crime before the rise of 'masks.' He is murdered by Two-Face and his daughter, Sofia Gigante, took control, however upon her death and the murder of many other family members, the family loses its grasp over the city. After an extensive period of absence, Mario Falcone, the Roman's only surviving child, managed to reclaim some of its former power.[5][6]
      • Sullivan Crime Family (Irish): Sometimes considered a sub-organization under the Falcones, it is a group of Irish assassins led by Mickey Sullivan. Made a failed attempt on the life of Harvey Dent. Eventually, all were killed in a hotel by Holiday.[5]
    • Ibanescu Crime Family (Romanian): Led by Dragos Ibanescu, small players involved in animal fights, human trafficking and prostitution. Operated out of the East End.
    • Khadym mob: Controls a quarter of the weapon and drug smuggling in Gotham. Also controls western Alleytown.[7]
    • Maroni Crime Family (Italian): Headed by Luigi "Big Lou" Maroni until his death where his son Sal Maroni takes control of the family. He is responsible for scarring Harvey Dent and is eventually murdered while in prison by Holiday.[5]
    • Dimitrov Crime Family (Russian): The Dimitrov Crime Family was a rival of The Maroni Crime Family, led by The Russian.
    • Moxon's Empire: A veteran of many years, Lew Moxon held on to a vast empire until his death.
    • Riley Crime Family (Irish): Run by Peyton Riley's father, Sean Riley, until his death. It is implied that Johnny Sabatino killed him.[citation needed]
    • Sabatino Crime Family (Italian): The first crime family of Gotham. Johnny Sabatino was married off to Peyton Riley as a sign of peace between the Irish and Italian mobs. Their marriage was loveless and he tried to kill her. Peyton returns with Scarface and tries to kill Johnny and they both fall into the water after a struggle and disappear.[citation needed]
    • Yakuza: The Gotham Yakuza were led by Akahara.
  • Gangs
    • All-Americans: One of the first gangs in the late 1800s.
    • Batboys[citation needed]
    • Black Clouds (Asian): Mentioned as a Chinatown gang.[1]
    • The Blackgaters: Briefly taken over by Jason Todd in an attempt to unite the gangs against the Underground.[citation needed]
    • Bloods[citation needed]
    • Blue Flu Gang[citation needed]
    • The Burnley Town Massive: Led by Able Crown, wiped out in the gang war.
    • Crips
    • The Deacons: A gang in The Hill area led by Sly Tolliver.[8]
    • Dockyard Dogs: Weapon traffickers who control the ports and southwest Gotham.[7]
    • Dragon's Claw (Korean)[8]
    • East Side Dragons: An Asian gang, mostly involved in illegal dog fights.
    • Five Fingers[citation needed]
    • Free Men Gang: One of the first gangs in the late 1800s.
    • Ghost Dragons (Chinese): Run by King Snake. Lynx was assigned as their field leader and eventually killed King Snake to gain control of the gang. Lynx was accidentally beheaded by one of her own gang members.[citation needed]
    • Golden Dragons: Gotham branch of the Hong Kong-based gang. Their leader is the new Lynx.
    • Hanoi Ten (Vietnamese): Rivals of the Golden Dragons. The gang seems to have a territorial dispute with the Golden Dragons.[9]
    • Innocent Devils (Asian): Rivals of the Ghost Dragons.[10]
    • Intergang: Led by Bruno Mannheim, Intergang employs Johnny Stitches to take over the Gotham City underworld. They successfully take down Penguin's gang and buy out Tobias Whale to gain full control. It is yet to be seen how they will deal with the new Black Mask's claim to dominance, especially when he is soon to be revealed as Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, and is soon locked away in Arkham Asylum.[citation needed]
    • Irish Wound Ravens: One of the first gangs in the late 1800s.
    • Italian East-Siders: One of the first gangs in the late 1800s.
    • Jade Leopards (Asian) An Asian gang in Chinatown [11]
    • Jade Tigers (Asian)[12]
    • Latino Unified Gang or LUG: Various Latinos, led by Otero.
    • LoBoys: A gang that was active when Gotham City was declared "No Man's Land."[13]
    • Lords of the Avenues[citation needed]
    • Penguin's Gang: Run through the Penguin's Iceberg Lounge. The Penguin was once the premier gang power in Gotham. Ousted by Intergang but was restored by Batman. He fought for dominance over Two-Face's gang, in which both sides lost and were taken over by the new Black Mask.[citation needed]
    • The Sprang Bridge Soldiers: Control Robbinsville, almost taken over by Jason Todd.[citation needed]
    • Steel Cobras (Asian) An Asian gang in Chinatown.[11]
    • Steel Sevens (Asian): Mentioned as a Chinatown gang.[1]
    • Steel Unicorns (Chinese): Rivals of the Ghost Dragons. Fought the Ghost Dragons when they first arrived in Gotham in the early 1990s.[1]
    • Jewish Sons of David: One of the first gangs in the late 1800s.
    • Street Demonz: One of the oldest biker gangs in Gotham City.[14]


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