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"Chapter Two: We Will Not Rest": In an abandoned schoolhouse in Slaughter Swamp, Det. Jim Corrigan and Sgt. Rook from Internal Affairs have discovered several missing children under the thrall of a ghostly nun. Urgently, Jim warns Rook not to look at the ghos

Quote1.png I spent half the night wrestling with a kid who was trying to spray me with ghost puke... and the other half convincing a paramedic I wasn't concussed or insane. Quote2.png
Det. Lisa Drake

Gotham by Midnight #2 is an issue of the series Gotham by Midnight (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 24, 2014.

Synopsis for "Chapter Two: We Will Not Rest"

In an abandoned schoolhouse in Slaughter Swamp, Det. Jim Corrigan and Sgt. Rook from Internal Affairs have discovered several missing children under the thrall of a ghostly nun. Urgently, Jim warns Rook not to look at the ghost, and to get the kids out of there quickly.

Meanwhile, Det. Lisa Drake is forced to shoo her coworker Sister Justine out of the Atwood household, because it is clear that the two little Atwood girls are terrified of her. Feeling hurt and rejected, Sister Justine calls back to Precinct 13 and asks Lt. Weaver to send Dr. Tarr.

While she waits in the car, Sister Justine recalls how she had been warned to abandon her meekness by the priest of her church as he questioned her. She had seen something sick in the church shelter. The altar boys were touching the sleeping men of the shelter, drooling something green into their mouths. She had reported it to her superior, Sister Clara, but at the next mass, she saw that the boys were still being employed by Father Keller. In response, the priest transformed into a hideous creature, explaining his intent to initiate her into their order, by drooling the green fluid into her mouth.

Suddenly, Jim Corrigan burst through the door and attempted to place Father Keller and Sister Clara under arrest, but he was too slow to do it before The Spectre took control and visited divine justice upon them. Fortunately, Sister Justine was pure, and spared the spirit's vengeance.

Now, Jim can see that the ghost used to be a teacher, and supposes that he might be able to do something to make her go away. He retrieves a smartphone from his pocket and sifts through it for the sound of an old school bell. Playing it loudly, the sound signals the end of school and the end of the haunting.

After rescuing her, Jim approached Sister Justine and helped her up, admitting with sympathy that many of the people in the church have died as a result of the Spectre's righteous wrath - which only proved further Justine's purity. He realized, though, that he would have to trust her, since she was one of the only people who had ever seen the Spectre. He introduced himself as a mere cop, and suggested that she might be of help to him on the cases he works. Her purity was so rare as to be an asset.

With the ghost gone, Jim calls the case in to Lt. Weaver and he and Sgt. Rook wait for the police and ambulances to arrive for the children. Jim admits that with cases like this, he is not good at keeping up with paperwork, and that it will be up to Sgt. Rook how he writes the Midnight Shift's department up. He had come to bust them for Internal Affairs, but now that he's seen what they see, how could he?

Back at Precinct 13, Dr. Tarr determines that the words that the kidnapped children were a language, but one nobody seems to know anything about. Jim, meanwhile, brings everyone bagels and explains to Sister Justine that the children weren't afraid of her - but someone who looked like her. Lisa comments that she would have preferred to go to the swamp while he played nanny, and Jim comments that Sgt. Rook had to change his pants after what he saw there. Justine interrupts when she overhears one of the recordings of the strange language, and realizes that she recognizes some words as the names of the beings that Father Keller and Sister Clara had worshipped.

Jim responds that he didn't want to hear that before he got his coffee for the day, but he can't let it slide. He writes the words out on the whiteboard, and warns everyone that they have a heavy case. This is part of an epidemic, and the children will have to be quarantined. Whatever their enemy is, it either has five names, five bodies, or both.

Appearing in "Chapter Two: We Will Not Rest"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Sgt. Rook
  • The Spectre (Flashback only)


  • Ikkondrid (Mentioned only)
    • Ovovo (First full appearance)
    • Amodr (Mentioned only)
    • Dronn (Mentioned only)
    • Ikkt (Mentioned only)
  • Father Arthur Keller (Flashback only)
  • Sister Clara (Flashback only)

Other Characters:

  • Julie Attwood
  • Francine Attwood




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