"Chapter Four: We Fight What We Become": Detective Jim Corrigan takes a drink with Sgt. Rook on a Friday night in Gotham City, drunkenly rambling about the horrors that such nights bring out. Rook, while humouring Jim, is eager to go, but Jim begs him to stay

Quote1.png What do you know about the founding of Gotham City? Corrigan, we all know that the founders of Gotham destroyed an entire people to settle here! These things are the progeny of their great sins. Psychic remnants of genocide! And the've been looking for you... for what you carry inside now. They want Gotham City to be judged! Quote2.png
Dr. Tarr

Gotham by Midnight #4 is an issue of the series Gotham by Midnight (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2015. It was published on February 25, 2015.

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Synopsis for "Chapter Four: We Fight What We Become"

Detective Jim Corrigan takes a drink with Sgt. Rook on a Friday night in Gotham City, drunkenly rambling about the horrors that such nights bring out. Rook, while humouring Jim, is eager to go, but Jim begs him to stay. He reminds that even if Rook is from Internal Affairs and intends to bring the Midnight Shift up on charges, they can still be friends. Rook responds that they can't. He had promised to join Jim for a drink, and Jim had had eight. Rook's head hurts suddenly, and he asks the bartender how long they've been there. Looking across the bar, the bartender is long-dead, and a demon has burst from his skull.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tarr and Detective Drake discover that the streets of Gotham are littered with corpses - and Jim isn't answering his phone. Dr. Tarr examines a body, and catches the smell of alcohol on it, spotting a parasite like a leech, and some kind of insect. Inadvertently, Detective Drake crushes it under her shoe, and from its smooshed remains, sprouts some kind of tentacle. Hurrying back to the car, Jim finally calls them back, and ignores Tarr's warnings about what's attacking them to make him listen to the ghost language being spoken by the creature in the bar. Jim explains that Rook has already been caught by the creature, and it's beginning to poison him using alcohol. Hearing a screech from a nearby apartment, Tarr realizes that this creature is attacking the whole neighbourhood in the same way. Jim warns them to get away as fast as they can - he can feel The Spectre fighting to get out and exact divine judgment. Whatever this demon - calling itself Amodr - is up to, it appears to be ringing alarm bells in Corrigan's head, that seek to wake the Spectre. From Jim's body bursts forth the Spectre, who condemns Amodr as an abomination before thrusting his fist down its throat.

Behind their car, Tarr and Drake speed away as the divine light of judgment spreads from the bar and outward toward them. Hearing the monster's cries over the phone, Tarr explains desperately to Jim that it is asking him if he knows what Gotham is. It wants to show him something. He believes that these ghosts and demons want divine judgment. The first of them, Ovovo had stolen children, Ikkt brought smallpox, and Amodr appears to be killing with alcohol. If Gotham is truly as spiritually sick as Jim has always claimed, terrible things must have happened at its beginning to make it that way. Tarr explains that the founders of Gotham had destroyed an entire people to settle there. These ghosts are the psychic remnants of that sin of genocide. These things have been festering in Slaughter Swamp for all this time - and they've been looking for Jim, because they want Gotham to be judged so that they can rest. And now, Jim has let that judgment loose, at the peril of the whole city's population.

From Precinct Thirteen, Lt. Weaver and Sister Justine watch the Spectre walking through Gotham, and the lieutenant decides that it's time for the pair of them to join their companions outside and put a stop to this. He had known all along about the Spectre - and now that the whole city is in danger, it's time for the Midnight Shift to earn their pay.

As Dr. Tarr worries about what will happen if he is found wanting in the eyes of The Spectre, the spirit of divine vengeance makes its way to the edge of the city, where it meets the embodiment of the sins of Gotham's founders, waiting in the swamp. Their inevitable collision results in a massive explosion of mystical energy that consumes the entire city.


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