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Grace Gibbons is the niece of the serial killer Orlin Dwyer aka Cicada; She was hit like her uncle by DeVoe's satellite whose shards made her a metahuman. Months later, she was kidnapped by her future counterpart, who had become the second Cicada, but was eventually saved by the Team Flash which convinced her to take the metahuman-cure to remove her powers and ensure that her older self would never exist.

Grace Gibbons was born in 2008; her parents died after a metahuman accidentally blew up an ATM they were near to. She was placed in care of his uncle, Orlin Dwyer who initally refused to accept her but, eventually, he grew fond of her and loved her.[1]

Dwyer and Grace were attenting a city festival the night of the Enlightenment. They witnessed the destruction of DeVoe's satellite which hit both of them, turning them into metahumans. Grace ended up in coma while his uncle became the metahuman killer Cicada; because of his vendetta, Dwyer let Doctor Ambres to take care of his niece while she was comatose.[1]

Because of Grace, Team Flash managed to discover Dwyer's identity as Cicada and targeted him.[1] Nora West-Allen entered Grace's mind to free her from her comatose state but her organism caused her to be rejected. Eventually, this let the Team Flash discover that Grace was also a metahuman.[2]

After Grace's killer self from the future traveled back in time, she stole the child's body to ensure her safety; the maniac villaing also took care of her child sef, even after the murder their uncle, Orlin.[3]

Some time later, after Future Grace decided to put an end to the metahumans' threat by killing them back in time, Team Flash trapped her into the S.T.A.R. Labs and, while she was freeing herself from her cage, the superheroes managed to convince present Grace to take the metahuman cure in order to remove her abilities and, as a consequence, to erase Future Grace from the existence.[4]


  • Grace Gibbons was portrayed by Islie Hirvonen.
  • Without the help of the Team Flash, Grace Gibbons would have turned herself into the evil murderer, Cicada.