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In a possible future, Grace Gibbons became the ruthless meta-human killer known as Cicada after her uncle's death.

Grace Gibbons' life was similar to the her past self's. However, in the future, Orlin Dywer/Cicada eventually retired after ending his killing spree but his niece, Grace Gibbons, grew up as a mad maniac and embraced her legacy as Cicada. She became a ruthless murderer and ended up killing more people than two other supervillains, like Zoom or Red Death.[1]

At some point in time, she discovered Reverse Flash's Time Sphere and used it to travel back to Earth-1 in March 2019. After a battle with the Team Flash, she was nicknamed Cicada II.[2]

She did not manage to stop his uncle's past self from taking the metahuman-cure so she kidnapped him and hid him after killing Doctor Ambres. Eventually, she tried to murder Vickie Bolen, a metahuman who was partially responsible for her parents' death; in the aftermath of the attack, Grace murdered Dwyer after he tried to convince her to give up her revenge plans.[3]

She broke into Tannhauser Industries to steal Icicle's cryogenic atomizer he was using to turn his wife into an ice-controlling metahuman like him. Cicada briefly clashed with the Flash and Killer Frost, almost killing the latter: she was stopped by Icicle who shielded her daughter with his body, dying in the process;[4] then, she flew away to continue her plan. In fact, days later, she broke into Cisco's bunker where she stole the prototypes of the meta-cure. She used them to prepare a viral version of the compund which could ultimately kill all the dark matter-based metahumans in Central City and also spread this disease to all the country.[5]

Later, she targeted Sherloque Wells' lover, Renee Adler as she was also a meta; however, she was stopped by Team Flash. Later, Cicada stole an hyper-conduit in order to spread her metahuman-killing virus and, then, attacked the CCPD headquarters where she stole all the present metahumans' dark matter.

As the Team Flash arrived to the scene, they fought against Grace who distracted herself enough to allow the superheroes to stop the diffusion of the virus. After Vibe managed to steal Dwyer's dagger and Elongated Man prevented the Flash from destroying it with the Mirror Gun, Grace Gibbons claimed the dagger again for herself and escaped to her cabin.[6]

Because of this failure, Grace decided to erase all her enemies by traveling back in time with the Time Sphere and corrupting the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator with her virus so the metas would have died just after being altered by the dark matter. Team Flash tracked her to the cabin and breached her away to the Labs, imprisoning her enough to convince her past self to take the cure in order to erase adult Grace and all of her possible evil counterparts in the future.

However, Cicada freed herself from the "cage" and returned to the cabin, where the child Grace had already taken the cure. Cicada confronted the Team Flash one last time and, after defeating all of them, as she was dealing the final blow to XS, Barry Allen saved her daughter by sending the dagger to the Mirrorverse.

Without her deadly weapon, Cicada was now helpless and time catched up with her, erasing her from the existence and bringing and end to the Cicada's threat.[7]



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