Grace Kasaba was a section chief for the Central Intelligence Agency.

She was intricately involved in the agency's controversial "guns for drugs" operations, secretly operating out of Central America. One of Kasaba's covert ops took her to Belize, where she desecrated the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple. By doing so, she awakened the Mayan War God Talaoc who took possession of Kasaba's body. Under Talaoc's control, Kasaba was able to perceive the spectral form of the deceased Boston Brand, aka, Deadman. The two fought one another, and Brand was able to force Talaoc's soul out of Kasaba's body. Kasaba still had her orders however, and carried them out. She uncovered a cache of ancient, yet technologically advanced weaponry inside the Mayan pyramid. She used this weaponry to capture Deadman's essence and bring him back to Langley, Virginia.



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