Grace Lamont was Harvey Dent's fiancée.

Grace was involved with Dent's re-election campaign and she was aware of the psychological consequences that the campaign was causing him. Despite the more frequent outbursts, during one of his speeches, Dent revealed that he was planning to set a wedding date with Grace, which made her really happy. However, Dent's mind became too unstable and following Grace's advise, Dent started some therapy to help him with his mental issues. Later, Dent was victim of an accident that scarred his face in half and Grace went to visit him at the hospital, but she was shocked at the sight of him and she fainted after seeing the horrible truth.[1]

Six months later, Grace was visited by a police detective who gave her a signaling device that she should use in case she came in contact with the missing Harvey Dent, who was then acting as the criminal Two-Face. When Grace was contacted by Dent and they arranged a meeting, Grace activated the device, believing that the police could help Harvey. What Grace did not know was that the police detective was actually Rupert Thorne's assistant Candice and that she had led them straight into Two-Face's hideout. To amend for her mistake, Grace fought Candice and took her out of the fight. When Harvey was stopped by Batman, Grace comforted him and she showed him love despite his hideous appearance. In the end the police arrived and arrested everybody, including Two-Face, but Grace went along with him to show her support.[2]

Her name is likely a tribute to Gilda Grace Dent, the name of Harvey's wife in the comics.



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