Graham Garrett was among the people affected by the 2005 meteor shower in Smallville.

Exposure to the meteorites mutated his body and gave him an ability to render himself invisible. With this new ability, Graham began operating as an assassin under the alias the "Chameleon". In 2006, Graham was on his way to assassinate a witness, when he was almost run over by a car, but was saved by Clark Kent. Out of gratitude, Graham bought Clark a plasma screen TV, which Clark returned. Graham couldn't understand why, expecting Clark to be wanting something in return for saving his life. Learning about Clark's recent break-up with Lana Lang, Graham set out to kill Lex Luthor, Lana's current boyfriend, giving Clark an opportunity to get her back. But, Graham's attempt to assassinate Lex failed and Lex shot him to death.[1] Graham's remains were taken to 33,1., where his DNA was incorporated into Wes Keenan.[2]



  • Graham Garrett was played by Alex Scarlis.
  • A newspaper article gives his name as "Christopher Boyer".[1] It is unknown if this is a production error or implying that "Graham Garrett" was an assumed name.



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