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The Grand Order of Occidental Nighthawks, whose acronym of G.O.O.N. makes clear that it consists entirely of "goons," is a criminal organization in Gotham City. Its members serve as henchmen and bodyguards to the Penguin, making them enemies of Batman and Robin.


All members of the order wear black clothes and bowler hats. They usually aid Cobblepot during robberies or fist fights against the Dynamic Duo.

After the Penguin was released from Gotham State Penitentiary, he had his goons cause chaos at a jewelry emporium by giving away trick umbrellas that suddenly opened and shot confetti, sparks and smoke into the air. Hawkeye and Sparrow were later ordered to kill Bruce Wayne by using one of the furnaces at the K.G. Bird & Co. umbrella factory to burn him alive.[1] However, Wayne was able to free himself just in time and escaped.[2]

The goons actively supported Cobblepot in his mayoral campaign and were present at his rallies. They managed to lure Batman and Robin to their secret headquarters and almost succeeded in killing them with a death trap.[3]

When Penguin and Mister Freeze later teamed up, they were aided by several members of the order in their endeavour to declare a floating iceberg in Gotham Harbor as an independent nation.[4]

G.O.O.N. served Penguin, Joker and Catwoman during a large villain gathering on the backlot of Gotham Studios. The henchmen briefly apprehended King Cobra, who arrived at the place in full costume even though the guests were supposed to disguise themselves. However, the Joker told the goons to let King Cobra go, as he had been given a special permission since the mask was permanently glued to his face.[5]



  • Penguin's Submarine: While Penguin and his gang were allied with Mister Freeze, they used the Penguin-Sub to moore the iceberg known as "Penguinia" in place.[4]


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