Grandovic was a powerful Tibetan mystic who used his clairvoyant abilities to answer questions brought to him by criminals for a high price.

He was well-known among the criminal underworld, although his location was a secret only available to the most wealthy of criminal masterminds. Shortly after being awoken from his ten-year coma, Clark Kent became aware of Grandovic's existence and sought him out to learn Superman's secret identity and weakness.

Kent purchased Grandovic's services with the Warsaw Diamond, and Grandovic told him of Superman's secret identity as Kent's high school friend Lex Luthor as well as how Superman's father Jor-El was responsible for the death of Clark's biological parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent.

Grandovic also told Kent that Superman was in love with Lois Lane, who Clark recognized as a bystander at a bank robbery he had recently committed. Unbeknownst to Kent, Lois had fallen obsessively in love with him.

Having learned all he needed to know, Clark murdered Grandovic with a poison gas canister hidden inside the diamond. With his dying breath, Grandovic showed Kent the instrument of his death--a broken steering wheel.




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