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Quote1.png I would speak to Granny with more respect because soon I will rule all of Apokolips. Quote2.png
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Granny Goodness was the most brutal and sadistic of caregivers on the planet Apokolips, who ran an "orphanage" to train hardened soldiers for Darkseid's army, often coming into conflict with Superman and the Justice League.

One of her students, Scott Free, proved to be rather resistant and rebellious to her methods, even to the point where he risked his life escaping from the "orphanage".

In her first appearance on Earth, she brainwashed street children and tok them in as members of Intergang. Jimmy Olsen and Supergirl attempted to infiltrate the revamped Intergang. Suspicious, Granny ordered Intergang to take them down. She summoned the Female Furies to take executive action when Supergirl proved too true to her Argosian roots to be defeated that easily.

During the rehersal od one of Mister Miracle's stunts, Granny Goodness kidnapped Oberon and placed him in her orphanage under "special care". She used this as leverage to blackmail Mister Miracle and Big Barda into freeing Darkseid's son Kalibak from the dangerious X-Pie where Virman Vundabar had imprisoned him.



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