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Quote1 Do you see now? See the power of my children?... of The Furious! I found them. Trained them. Not to be part of Darkseid Army. But for me. Mine! Quote2
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Granny Goodness is one of Darkseid's most trusted generals, working as the leader of the demented orphanage that Mister Miracle and Big Barda grew up in.

Granny is known for her cruel and unusual torture methods.[1]

Dawn of DC

At some point, Granny Goodness engineered a car crash that killed Paula Holt while she was pregnant with PJ Holt. The baby was presumed killed in the crash but in fact Granny teleported him from his mother's womb before she died. Granny told the kid and the other boys she had taken that they were orphans and she raised them to be the start of the Furious; a private army under her control, separate from Darkseid's forces.[2]

When Granny's kids were about ten, she "took in" another baby, Wade West. She had attempted to fake Wade's death like the others but she failed, and so his family knew he had been taken.[3] Wade's father Wally West/The Flash followed Granny to the Palace of Eternity with a host of other heroes to rescue Wade, including PJ's father Mister Terrific. He chased Granny and Wade into the Forever Corridor while PJ and the Furious fought the Flash's allies. Wally eventually returned with Wade and told the kids the true about their origins. So they fled the collapsing Palace and left Granny's army.[2]


  • New God Physiology: These New Gods have evolved due to their close proximity to the Source, a primeval energy, believed to be one of the ultimate foundations of the Universal Expression of Energy, along with their superior technology, into beings of genetic stability and evolutionary perfection. The denizens of New Genesis are stronger, faster, and smarter than homo sapiens, despite their resemblance to the same.





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