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"Granny Goodness" is a loyal servant of Darkseid.

By the 1980's, Granny had become head administrator of St. Louise's Orphanage. She would use this position to train the orphan girls into soldiers in Darkseid's service. She had hoped to make girl named Tess into the leader of this army, but the girl was adopted and taken from the orphanage, before Granny could complete this task. To protect her activities at the orphanage, Granny had the girl's memories erased.

In 2010, Granny was reunited with Tess (now known as Tess Mercer), when Tess was dying at Metropolis General Hospital. After Tess passed away, Granny had her body taken to Cadmus Labs, where she was revived. Sometime later, Granny dropped by Luthor Mansion, where she left a birthday present for Tess and seemingly used her powers, to revive some of the girl's suppressed memories.

Like she had hoped, this prompted Tess to seek her out, at the orphanage. However, Tess brought Clark Kent with her and together they exposed her activities and got the orphanage shut down. Granny had to flee and allied herself with the rest of Darkseid's Prophets. Preparing for their dark lord's eventual conquest of Earth. To ensure this, Granny manipulated Oliver Queen, so she'd be able to destroy the Bow of Orion (a weapon against Darkseid). She also tasked Oliver (now under Darkseid's control) to remove Clark's power, but that failed.

As Apokolips approached Earth, Granny and the other prophets were confronted by Oliver Queen (now freed from Darkseid), who shot them with an arrow each. Granny and the others turned into clouds of smoke and vanished.


  • The fate of Granny Goodness is unclear. She turns to smoke, after Oliver shoots her with an arrow. However, it is unknown if this killed her or banished her to Apokolips. Darkseid also turned to smoke, after Clark destroyed his host body and he turned up alive in season 11.[1]



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