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Grant Morrison (b. January 31, 1960) is an acclaimed Scottish comic book writer, with a surreal and optimistic style of storytelling. They are best known for their extensive work at DC Comics, writing for books such as Animal Man, Doom Patrol, and All-Star Superman.

Professional History

Grant Morrison is a Scottish comic book writer who began their career writing for 2000 AD and Doctor Who Magazine, after getting a story proposal rejected by DC Comics in 1982. Their work on Zenith got the attention of DC in 1987, and the company asked Morrison to work for them. They accepted their proposal for Animal Man, which revived the lesser-known character and was a huge success due to its unconventional presentation and themes.

Morrison went on to pen several lengthy comics runs at DC, including Doom Patrol, JLA, Batman, Action Comics, and The Green Lantern, as well as the miniseries All-Star Superman, DC One Million, Final Crisis, and Flex Mentallo. They also penned the graphic novels Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, JLA: Earth-2, and Wonder Woman: Earth One.

While writing for DC, they also published creator-owned work, primarily through DC's Vertigo imprint, such as We3, Seaguy, and The Invisibles. They also wrote a lengthy run on New X-Men for Marvel Comics.

The majority of Morrison's work has garnered them much critical acclaim, and a reputation as one of the comics' industry's greatest writing talents. Their work is often recognized for its density of ideas, creativity, humanist themes, and counterculture leaning. Some of their projects have even inspired film and television adaptations, though Morrison has admitted to repeatedly rejecting creators' proposals to adapt The Invisibles.

Personal History

Grant Morrison offered a biography for themself in 1994, using now defunct masculine pronouns:

"Grant Morrison is five feet eleven inches tall and has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. His favorite color is turquoise. His favorite foods are chocolate, salt and vinegar crisps, salads and spicy foreign muck. He has an appendectomy scar. His mum is called Agnes, his dad is called Walter and his sister is called Leigh. His favorite animal is a cat and his favorite girl is called Magdalena. He is single, heterosexual (with possible latent homosexual tendencies? Must remember to investigate further.), and is currently quite wealthy. His work has been described as "gibberish." That's all there is to him."[1]

In October 2020, Morrison came out as non-binary and now uses "they/them" pronouns.[2]

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