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Quote1 To me it comes down to a very simple equation. Life plus significance equals magic. Quote2
-- Grant Morrison

Personal History

Grant Morrison is five feet eleven inches tall and has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. His favorite color is turquoise. His favorite foods are chocolate, salt and vinegar crisps, salads and spicy foreign muck. He has an appendectomy scar. His mum is called Agnes, his dad is called Walter and his sister is called Leigh. His favorite animal is a cat and his favorite girl is called Magdalena. He is single, heterosexual (with possible latent homosexual tendencies? Must remember to investigate further.), and is currently quite wealthy. His work has been described as "gibberish." That's all there is to him. [1]

Professional History

Professional History of Grant Morrison is unknown.

Work History

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  1. Direct quote written by Morrison himself for the "Invisible Ink" column featured in Invisibles (Volume 1) #1

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