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Starting in 1997, Grant Morrison launched JLA (Volume 1) with artist Howard Porter, reinvigorating the team book and setting its course for the next decade. The popular title lead to spin-offs like Hourman (Volume 1) and Martian Manhunter (Volume 3) and the revitalized JSA in JSA (Volume 1). Leading in from Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare (Volume 1), this line-up includes many of DC's most recognizable heroes facing intergalactic threats and rewriting the future of the DC Universe. Morrison was followed by frequent guest writer Mark Waid.

This guide to the run of Grant Morrison writing for the Justice League is based around easily-purchased collected editions. For a new reader, it's very convenient to collect Morrison's entire run on JLA and associated titles.

JLA (Volume 1)

Aztek: The Ultimate Man (Volume 1): Written concurrent to JLA with Mark Millar, Aztek tells the story of a new superhero who is tricked into infiltrating the Justice League. The brief run is collected in JLA Presents: Aztek: The Ultimate Man.

Hourman (Volume 1) and JLA: Tomorrow Woman #1 : The character of Matthew Tyler was introduced as part of the DC One Million event and he briefly joined the Justice League during Morrison's run. Although Morrison did not write this series, they helped to plot its general trajectory with Tom Peyer. Peyer also wrote the Tomorrow Woman one-shot that follows up on her appearance in JLA #5.

  • Hourman 1 1: "Through the Hourglass"
  • Hourman 1 2: "Romancing the Tombstone"
  • Hourman 1 3: "Timepoint"
  • Hourman 1 4: "Hourmen"
  • Hourman 1 5: "The Death of Hourman"
  • Hourman 1 6: "JLAndroids"
  • Hourman 1 7: "The Human League"
  • Hourman 1 8: "A Week with No Hourman"
  • Hourman 1 9: "Where Does the Time Go?"
  • Hourman 1 10: "Bride of the Gombezi"
  • Hourman 1 11: "Hourman One Million, Part One: Or Else"
  • Hourman 1 12: "Hourman One Million, Part Two: Metron's Brain"
  • Hourman 1 13: "Hourman One Million, Part Three: The Perfect Crime"
  • Hourman 1 14: "Secrets and Lies"
  • Hourman 1 15: "Friend of the Devil"
  • Hourman 1 16: "Snapper Carr, Super-Traitor!"
  • Hourman 1 17: "One Hundred Years of Solitude"
  • Hourman 1 18: "High Society"
  • Hourman 1 19: "The Thief of Time"
  • Hourman 1 20: "My So-Called Afterlife"
  • Hourman 1 21: "Maybe I'm Amazo"
  • Hourman 1 22: "The Chrono-Bums"
  • Hourman 1 23: "The Unbelievable Truth"
  • Hourman 1 24: "Minutes to Go"
  • Hourman 1 25: "…But You'll Never See the End of the Road If You're Travelling with Me"
  • JLA: Tomorrow Woman #1: "Tomorrow Never Knows"

Final Crisis (Volume 1): The Final Crisis storyline stars many of the same members as Morrison's JLA and also features Darkseid as the ultimate foe.

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