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Grant Wilson is the estranged son of Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke and his ex-wife Adeline Kane. He grew up without his father but, later in his life, he embraced Slade's legacy, becoming himself the Deathstroke and creating a Deathstroke-inspired gang to conquer Star City.

Grant Wilson was born from Slade Wilson and his wife Adeline after the A.S.I.S. agent had already left his family so Grant's existence was kept hidden from him.

Eventually, Grant came to know that his father was one of the most fierce mercenary in the world known as Deathstroke. So, like his brother Joseph Wilson aka Kane Wolfman before, Grant followed in Slade's footsteps, becoming a cruel terrorist and adopting the alias of his father. He also created a gang whose uniforms were also inspired by his father, the Deathstrokes.

In October 2019, Grant Wilson and his gang targeted Star City' richest man, believing them to be the true corruption of the city. However, the arrival of the Team Arrow from a possible future messed up his plan as they had already dealt in their timeline with Grant's legacy.

Oliver Queen, his team and their legacies discovered Grant's plan to make some bombs explode in Star City and averted the destruction of the city which erased the future the young heroes came from. Grant Wilson was arrested for his terrorist crimes and sent to Blackgate Penitentiary.[1]


  • Grant Wilson was portrayed by Jamie Andrew Cutler.



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