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Grant Wilson was the son of the notorious assassin Deathstroke who was raised to continue his father's bloody legacy, adopting the mercenary persona, Ravager.


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Grant was trained by his father from a young age, to become a mercenary like him. Slade's methods were rigorous and impersonal, constantly belittling Grant for not living up to his high standards. Slade explained the concept of an "Achilles' heel" to Grant. Eventually, Grant ran away during his teenage years to escape his parental instability.

Grant was hired by H.I.V.E. to take out the Teen Titans during an early lineup. Seeking to emulate his hero, Deathstroke (not knowing Deathstroke to be his own father), he allowed H.I.V.E. to give him extensive genetic enhancements. He took the name Ravager and provoked a fight with the Titans. However, the genetic modifications H.I.V.E. made on him led to his heart giving out during the battle.[1].

Years later, when the collective memory of the Teen Titans was erased from the world in the aftermath of a battle with Mister Twister, Slade would forget how his son died.[2].

New 52

After Grant was presumed dead at the hands of the Midnighter, he surreptitiously manipulated Deathstroke by allying himself with the parents of one of Slade's victims, and sending a number of villains called Legacy to weaken the mercenary before facing him himself. When Grant did have the opportunity to kill Deathstroke, Grant hesitated, before simply walking away.

Following the cosmic upheavals of the Rebirth period, this character's history was revised, and this event was erased.


Years later, his father took up his sons's contract to avenge him and kill the Teen Titans after the return of Wally West prompted the end of the collective memory block regarding the history of the Teen Titans.




  • Nth Metal Armor: Grant is shown to have armor made from the same composite Nth metal that his father wears, which further enhances their physical abilities and is stronger than titanium.



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