The Grasshopper Gang was a criminal team formed by a couple of twin brothers who wore a grasshopper disguise in order to avoid detection.


On their first exploits, the brothers pretended to be one criminal known as The Grasshopper, who was confronted by Batman and Robin. The Grasshopper's plan was to steal valuable objects from Batman and so they managed to steal the Batmobile, the Batboat, a Batarang and they even managed to kidnap Robin and lured Batman into a trap. However, Batman outsmarted them and learned that the Grasshopper was in fact two people. After their first encuounter, the Grasshopper Gang managed to escape and it was then revealed that they had been working for the unknown criminal called The Outsider.[1]

The Grasshopper Gang were in charge of delivering the final threat of the Outsider to Batman and Robin, but they were utterly defeated by the dynamic duo, despite this time being three members on the team.[2] After this defeat, they were never seen again.

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